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About Ace Early Learning
Welcome to Ace Early Learning, an online English learning application designed for children aged 3-8. By adopting the world-renowned language standard, CEFR, and a gamified learning approach, we provide a platform where kids can watch cartoons, listen to stories, play games and even more to help them master English skills and so much more. Our courses will also equip young learners with the 4C’s of the 21st-century skills, namely, communication, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

Ace Early Learning is committed to making children happy to learn English, helping children improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, as well as establishing correct values for children in the process of learning. Our innovative curriculum design focuses on allowing children to learn better.

How do we teach?

CEFR Standard:

By adopting the world-renowned language standard-CEFR, our courses will cultivate young learners' all-around abilities, from communication skills to real-world application.

Gamified Learning Approach

Learning happens naturally while playing games​. Learners' motivation increases when they have fun​. Kids stay engaged and are more interested in learning. ​

Efficient Teaching Methodology

We use multi-sensory teaching methods and 21st-century skills to help children learn better and cultivate their correct values.

What course forms do we have?

Interesting Animation:

Ace Early Learning's curriculum includes hundreds of highly entertaining animations. We put the learning words in series in each story, so that students can learn new words while watching animations. These animated videos keep children engaged while they learn.

Beautiful Song:

The variety of music in Ace Early Learning" not only reinforces the learning content but also introduces children to a range of musical styles and themes.

Daily Conversation:

Ace Early Learning's conversation module features original real-life dialogues, which apply learning themes to real-life scenarios. Children can learn how to have a dialogue in real scenarios and apply what they have learned.

Creative Story:

The stories of Ace Early Learning are based on the original design of the theme content, which not only covers the teaching knowledge points but also integrates positive values. In the stories they will read, children will learn the values of sharing, loving, helping, and so much more.

Practical Phonics:

Ace Early Learning's phonics can help children master English spelling methods faster so that they can read words that they see and write words that they hear.

More Features

Rewarding System:

Children will receive corresponding rewards for each section they complete. After each lesson, they can unlock a toy to promote their learning enthusiasm and help them become more motivated to learn.

Progress Tracking:

The learning report indicates the children's learning situation, allowing us to better their mastery of the learning content.

Subscription Details

New subscribers will have access to a free trial when signing up. Users who don't wish to continue their membership past the trial should cancel before the seven days are up to avoid being charged.

At each renewal date (whether monthly or annually), your account will automatically be charged the subscription fee. If you'd prefer not to be automatically charged, just head to your Account Settings and turn off 'Auto Renew'.

Your subscription can be canceled at any time, without any fee or penalty. 

Privacy Policy

Ace Early Learning is committed to protecting your privacy and the privacy of your children. We adhere to the strict guidelines set forth by COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act), which ensures the protection of your children's information online. Read our full privacy policy here.

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