AI Art, AI Music, AI Chat: Wau

AI Art, AI Music, AI Chat: Wau

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AI Art, AI Music, AI Chat: Wau AI Art, AI Music, AI Chat: Wau AI Art, AI Music, AI Chat: Wau AI Art, AI Music, AI Chat: Wau AI Art, AI Music, AI Chat: Wau AI Art, AI Music, AI Chat: Wau

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July 30, 2023
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Wau is the AI Everything App: create music, write text, make art with AI tools!
Ask AI to write anything you want and get instant responses and answers.
Ask AI to create an image and get an instant picture or a painting.
Ask AI to compose music and get a soundtrack or a beat for your song.

Wau is powered by models such as ChatGPT from OpenAI, Stable Diffusion from Stability and many more.

Wau, your All-in-One AI Companion where technology meets creativity across multiple creative domains. Chat, Text, Art, Music, Translation, Coding, Education, Bears and Soundtracks - Wau is your gateway to an array of Artificial Intelligence models and tools, your canvas to explore and generate art, your sheet to compose music, and your platform to create and share enlightening conversations and experiences.

Imagine if Hemingway met Picasso and Mozart in the digital realm, amalgamating their ingenious minds to create a masterpiece - this is what Wau offers. It's an immersive hub where the art of conversation merges with the aesthetics of visuals and the symphony of sounds. This is an AI symposium designed with the sole purpose of empowering the user, driving efficiency in work, ignifying creativity in everyday life, and transforming the mundane into extraordinary.

For the daily scribe and professional writers, our AI text and chatbots can be your writing companions. Brainstorm ideas for your next novel, draft your business emails, create engaging social media posts or simply make your text exchanges smarter and more fun. The AI chatbots can seamlessly blend into your routines, assist with your customer service, answer your client queries or help your child learn with interactive Q&A sessions.
For the art enthusiast or digital graphic designers, our AI Art Generators can open the doors to limitless creativity. Create unique wallpapers for your phone, generate captivating graphics for your blog, design artwork for your start-up or simply witness AI's interpretation of Van Gogh's Starry Night. The mundane can be transformed into mesmerizing.

For the music lover or the sound artist, our AI Music Generators are the keys to an infinite orchestra. Create your own Jazz for your morning coffee, generate a Rock soundtrack for your fitness routine, compose a Country song for your road trip, or let AI concoct a Classical symphony for your evening relaxation. From Reggae to Blues, from Pop to Metal, from Electronic to Hip-Hop - the musical landscape is expansive and limitless.

Yet, with great power comes great responsibility and we are deeply committed to ensuring that the power of AI is harnessed ethically. Every model that finds its place in our app is trained with the highest ethical standards.

Wau works across all the major genres, moods, emotions, and activities such as Classical, Rock, Rock & Roll, Phonk, Neo-classic, Indie, Dance, Nu, Ambient, Atmosphere, Bassline, Big ,Braindance, Breakbeat, Chill, Chillgressive, Rave, Dark, Ambient, House, Disco, Downtempo, Drum and bass, Dub, Techno, EDM, Electronica, Electronic, Glitch Hop, Hard, IDM, Liquid, Funk, Lounge, Melodic, Microfunk, Funk, Minimal, Neurofunk, Psychill, Psytrance, Sci-fi, Synthwave, Techno, Trance, Tropical, Uplifting, Folk, World, Chill, Hip hop, Lofi, Trap, Acid, Electro, Jazz, Stride, Country, Folk, Future, Indie, Latin, Pop, R&B, Reggaeton, Slow, Post-Rock, Bollywood, Ethnic, Indian, Chillout, Meditation, Meditative, Om Romantic, Brown Noise, White, Grey, Pink, Zen, Fire, Forest, Nature , Rain, Water, Cardio, Energy, Fitness, Yoga, Summer, Travel, Acoustic, Beautiful, Calm, Christmas, Dramatic, Dreamy, Epic, Extreme, Friends, Gentle, Groovy. Happy, Inspirational, Kids, Motivational, Night, Optimistic, Peaceful, Pumped, Romantic, Sad, Sentimental, Serious, Spooky, Upbeat, Groovy, Valentines, Xmas.

We're working on adding models such as Midjourney, Falcon LLM, LLama LLM and many others as well constantly expanding the functionality and usability of current models.

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