Computer Guide : Learn Compute

Computer Guide : Learn Compute

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Computer Guide : Learn Compute Computer Guide : Learn Compute Computer Guide : Learn Compute Computer Guide : Learn Compute Computer Guide : Learn Compute Computer Guide : Learn Compute

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More About Computer Guide : Learn Computelication

This application contains information all about computers and is a way of knowing about basic concepts of computers and easy ways to learn Computer basics and advanced concepts.
Includes basics to advanced and updated Computer Shortcut Keys, Computer Abbreviations, Computer Dictionary terms, Computer Networking, and Computer hardware.

Introduction to Computers, Generation, Basic Computer Organisation, Type of Computer, Computer Components, Memory, Operating Systems, Input and output devices (Ex: mouse, keyboard, printers and other), Computer Hardware and Software components.

Computer Shortcut Keys app provides various software applications shortcut keys that can boost your productivity if your daily job relies heavily on using software applications including MS Office.
They just don’t get the work done quickly, but also improves the efficiency and provides sharing the keyboard shortcuts to friends/colleagues.

Give them a try and you just might find yourself getting addicted to keyboard shortcuts.

It is an educational application where you can use Keyboard Shortcuts instead of a mouse.

This Computer Shortcut keys also contain the most frequently used Computer Abbreviations/Computer Acronyms with the offline search.

Computer Dictionary in English has app computer-related terms and words to input, output and processing and all the terms used in computer.

Below are the software apps shortcut keys :

🔥 General Windows keyboard Shortcut Keys
🔥 Windows logo key Shortcut Keys
🔥 Windows function Keys (F1-F12)
🔥 Ms Office Shortcut
🔥 MS Word computer shortcuts
🔥 MS Excel
🔥 MS PowerPoint
🔥 MS Access
🔥 MS Paint
🔥 MS Outlook
🔥 MS Wordpad
🔥 Adobe Dreamweaver
🔥 Adobe_Flash
🔥 Adobe Illustrator
🔥 Adobe PageMaker
🔥 Adobe Photoshop keyboard shortcuts
🔥 AutoCAD
🔥 Color Codes
🔥 Chrome
🔥 CorelDRAW
🔥 C Language
🔥 DOS Shortcut Keys
🔥 Eclipse IDE shortcuts
🔥 Internet Explorer
🔥 Mac OS /Apple shortcuts keys
🔥 Mozilla Firefox
🔥 Notepad
🔥 Notepad++
🔥 Tally shortcuts
🔥 Ubuntu OS

A computer network, or data network, is a digital telecommunications network that allows nodes to share resources.
Computer Networking concepts.

This app provides basic Computer Skills, Computer Programming Courses, Computer Lessons, Computer Training, Computer Education, Computer Tutorials, Learn Excel Formulas, Excel Tutorial.

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