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Explore, connect and share your interests with real people. Whether you’re looking for a spark of inspiration with reels or want to dive deeper into something you already love with Marketplace or in groups, you can discover ideas, experiences and people that fuel your interests and help you make progress on the things that matter to you on Facebook.
Explore and expand your interests:
* Shop for affordable and uncommon stuff on Marketplace and take your hobbies to the next level
* Personalize your Feed to see more of what you like, less of what you don’t
* Watch reels for quick entertainment that sparks inspiration
* Discover creators, small businesses and communities who can help you dive deeper into the things you care about

Connect with people and communities:
* Join groups to learn tips and tricks from real people who’ve been there, done that
* Catch up with friends, family and influencers through Feed and stories

Share your world:
* Effortlessly create reels from trending templates, or let your creativity shine with a full suite of editing tools
* Customize your profile to choose how you show up and who you share your posts with
* Turn your hobby into a side hustle by becoming a creator or selling things on Marketplace
* Celebrate everyday, candid moments with stories, which disappear in 24 hours

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"Location Services"


2 weeks from now

Location services drain battery.

"Photo Tagging"


2 weeks from now

Tagging friends in photos is glitchy.

"Account Recovery"


2 weeks from now

Account recovery process is tedious.

"Language Support"


1 week from now

Need support for more languages.

"Connectivity Issues"


1 week from now

Keep getting disconnected.

"Profile Picture Issue"


1 week from now

Can't upload profile picture.

"Account Settings"


1 week from now

Need more options in account settings.

"Comment Notifications"


1 week from now

Not getting notified of comments.

"Data Syncing"


1 week from now

Data syncing between devices is slow.

"App Updates"


1 week from now

Love the frequent app updates.

"Account Verification"


6 days from now

Verification process is confusing.

"Data Usage Concerns"


5 days from now

App seems to use a lot of data.

"Geolocation Accuracy"


4 days from now

Geolocation accuracy is off.

"Account Deletion"


3 days from now

Can't figure out how to delete my account.

"Search Functionality"


2 days from now

Search function isn't accurate.

"Video Playback"


1 day from now

Video playback is choppy.

"Group Messaging"


23 hours from now

Group messaging needs improvement.

"Profile Customization"


27 minutes ago

Would like more profile options.

"Account Recovery"


1 day ago

Difficulties recovering my account.

"Logout Issue"


2 days ago

App doesn't always log me out.

"Privacy Concerns"


3 days ago

Concerned about data privacy.

"Syncing Problem"


4 days ago

Having issues syncing data.

"Photo Upload Issue"


5 days ago

Photos take too long to upload.

"Connection Drops"


6 days ago

Connection drops frequently.

"Account Setup"


1 week ago

Had trouble setting up my account.

"Loading Times"


1 week ago

Loading times are too long.

"Easy Navigation"


1 week ago

Navigation is straightforward.

"Video Call Quality"


1 week ago

Video call quality needs improvement.

"Messaging Issue"


1 week ago

Messages aren't always sending.

"Performance is Great"


1 week ago

App runs smoothly on my device.

"Love the Features"


1 week ago

So many useful features!

"Suggestions for Improvement"


2 weeks ago

Could use more customization options.

"Account Security"

Amanda Davis

2 weeks ago

Concerned about account security.

"Great Interface"


2 weeks ago

The UI is very clean and modern.

"App Crashing"

Jessica Li

2 weeks ago

App crashes when I open photos.

"Connectivity Problem"

Kevin Patel

2 weeks ago

Unable to connect to the server.

"Notifications Issue"

Michelle Tran

2 weeks ago

Not receiving notifications.

"Account Management"

Ryan Garcia

2 weeks ago

Having trouble changing my password.

"Privacy Settings"

Jennifer Wu

3 weeks ago

Privacy settings could be clearer.

"Security Concern"

Daniel Kim

3 weeks ago

Noticed some strange login attempts.

"Performance Issue"

Lisa Wong

3 weeks ago

App seems to lag sometimes.

"Feature Request"

Michael Brown

3 weeks ago

Would love to see dark mode added.

"Bug Report"

Emily Chen

3 weeks ago

Found a small bug in messaging.

"Easy to Use"

David Lee

3 weeks ago

The interface is intuitive.

"Helpful Support"

Sarah Johnson

3 weeks ago

The support team was very responsive.

"Seamless integration"

Eva Bryant

3 weeks ago

Integrates seamlessly with other platforms.

"Convenient messaging"

Asher Sanders

3 weeks ago

Messaging feature is convenient and easy to use.

"Great user experience"

Clara Collins

3 weeks ago

Provides a great user experience overall.

"Reliable performance"

Elijah Rivera

3 weeks ago

App performance has been consistently reliable.

"Fun and engaging"

Nova Hughes

3 weeks ago

Engaging features make it fun to use.

"Easy to navigate"

Grayson Brooks

3 weeks ago

Navigation is straightforward and easy.


Bella Price

3 weeks ago

The app provides an interactive experience.

"Great for sharing"

Peyton Ward

3 weeks ago

Love sharing moments with friends using this app.


Hudson Bell

3 weeks ago

Convenient way to keep up with social updates.

"Enhances connections"

Naomi Evans

3 weeks ago

Enhances connections with friends and family.

"Impressive features"

Ayden Phillips

3 weeks ago

Impressed with the range of features available.

"Smooth interface"

Eliana Scott

3 weeks ago

The interface is smooth and easy to use.


Aria Ward

3 weeks ago

This app has been reliable for staying connected.

"Great for socializing"

Lincoln Turner

3 weeks ago

Perfect for socializing with friends.

"Fantastic experience"

Paisley Richardson

3 weeks ago

My experience with this app has been fantastic.

"User-friendly design"

Xavier Cooper

3 weeks ago

The design is user-friendly and intuitive.


Penelope Murphy

3 weeks ago

Helpful for keeping up with friends' updates.


Brayden Cook

3 weeks ago

Love all the features available.

"Great app"

Zoey Baker

3 weeks ago

This app is great for staying connected.

"Easy communication"

Elijah Barnes

3 weeks ago

Makes communication with friends easy.

"Great community"

Scarlett Cox

3 weeks ago

Love being part of this app's community.

"Simple yet effective"

Julian Ward

3 weeks ago

Simple yet effective platform for connecting.


Savannah Sullivan

3 weeks ago

Excellent app for social networking.

"Improved stability"

Riley Wood

3 weeks ago

Stability improvements are noticeable.

"Intuitive interface"

Gabriel Hill

3 weeks ago

Intuitive interface makes navigation a breeze.

"Great for events"

Zoey Parker

3 weeks ago

Perfect for organizing events with friends.

"Fun to use"

Jayden Morris

3 weeks ago

Makes staying connected fun and easy.


Mia Hughes

3 weeks ago

Addictive features keep me coming back.

"Improved performance"

Carter Brooks

3 weeks ago

Noticed improved performance with the latest update.


Sofia Torres

3 weeks ago

Definitely recommended for social networking.

"Needs more updates"

Mason Rivera

3 weeks ago

Good app but needs more frequent updates.

"User-friendly design"

Ava Gonzales

3 weeks ago

Love the user-friendly design.

"Great for sharing"

Dylan Nguyen

3 weeks ago

Perfect for sharing moments with friends.

"Fun and engaging"

Isabella Lopez

3 weeks ago

Engaging features make it fun to use.

"Awesome app"

Ethan Stewart

3 weeks ago

This app is simply awesome!

"Smooth experience"

Olivia Carter

3 weeks ago

Smooth and seamless user experience.

"Highly recommend"

Nathan Patel

3 weeks ago

Highly recommend this app to everyone.

"Great features"

Madison Hall

3 weeks ago

Love the new features.


Joshua Garcia

3 weeks ago

Makes staying in touch so convenient.


Emma Wilson

3 weeks ago

This app is absolutely fantastic!


Zoe Nguyen

3 weeks ago

I find myself using this app all the time!

"So much fun"

Laura White

3 weeks ago

Using this app is so enjoyable!

"Great potential"

Mark Davis

3 weeks ago

It's good but has the potential to be even better.

"Best app ever!"

Lisa Taylor

3 weeks ago

I can't imagine life without this app now!

"Could be better"

Daniel Chan

3 weeks ago

Decent app but could be improved.


Jennifer Kim

3 weeks ago

Very easy to navigate. Loving it!

"Awesome features"

David Wilson

3 weeks ago

The new features are amazing! Great job!

"Highly recommended"

Sarah Brown

3 weeks ago

This app is fantastic! I recommend it to everyone.

"Needs improvement"

Michael Lee

3 weeks ago

It's good but could use some UI enhancements.

"Love it!"

Emily Johnson

3 weeks ago

This app has made keeping up with friends so fun!

"Great app"

John Smith

3 weeks ago

I love this app! It's so easy to use and helpful.

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