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A completely free website builder with free hosting. FreeSite is the easiest way to quickly make a real website: a website which is clearly organized and optimized for your visitors and for search engines.
Easily understand how to make your first website
FreeSite is for beginners, for technologically challenged professionals, for people who don't have a computer, or don't want to use a computer.

A Free Website + Free Site Builder + Free Hosting ?
Yes, FreeSite offers you the tools, the hosting, and the guidance to create a real, effective website. Just publish your site at least once every 6 months, to show that you care, and it will stay online. You can even buy your own domain name for your free site, right in the App, for a normal price, with no need to upgrade. And there will be NO Ads on your site.

If there are no paid plans, and no ads, how does FreeSite make money ?
FreeSite is a simplified version of the popular professional website builder, SimDif, with FREE and uncluttered access to the ESSENTIAL features. SimDif does have paid upgrades, but only when you need them.

FreeSite is here to help you make a successful start, and SimDif will be there to accompany you as you grow.

• Create a Free website with up to 7 pages.
• Add your logo, photos, a gallery, videos, Google maps, and more.
• Website contact form.
• AddThis social media share buttons.
• Choose your fonts, header and colors in Graphic Customization.

Get your website online, for Free
• The Optimization Assistant gives advice on what to work on, before you publish.
• Rotate your phone to view how your site will appear on a computer.
• See your site Visitor Statistics, right in the app.
• Keep your website online for free by publishing your site at least once every 6 months.

Have fun presenting your business or hobby with FreeSite
If you want more pages and more professional features, just download the fully featured SimDif app, login with the same username and password, and start editing your website. You will already know how everything works. Just enjoy the extra features and upgrades.

How easy can it be to Build a Website ?
FreeSite is designed to answer this question. Easy to use and to create with, FreeSite is a website builder which helps you avoid the usual mistakes and lets you learn the essentials at your own pace.

How can FreeSite be Free?
As your site and your activity grows, you will need a domain name, which you can purchase right inside the website builder, for a standard price, including a free SSL certificate (https). You may find you need more than 7 pages; special features for Search Engine Optimization; an E-commerce solution; or more control over sharing your site on Social media. In this case, download the fully featured SimDif app, which does include paid upgrades.

Often, if the service is free, you are the product.
Not here. We are proud of how strictly we respect our users and their privacy.
For example, if you choose to stop using FreeSite, all your data is erased from our system after 6 months. You are free to come back, with a clean slate, whenever you like.

This is how we think and work. We call it User Advocacy.

Feel free to check our website:

• SimDif Privacy Policy :
• SimDif Terms of Use :

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