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How To Start Hiring

Start Today For a Great Future

Use our collaboration tools to work efficiently with your freelancer. Share files, chat in real-time, monitor progress, and so much more.

  • 1. Post a project or contest

    Simply post a project or contest for what you need done and receive competitive bids from freelancers within minutes.

  • 2. Choose the perfect freelancer

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  • 3. Pay when you’re satisfied

    Pay securely using our Milestone Payment system. Release payments when it has been completed and you're 100% satisfied.

  • 4. FAQS

    How can freelancers help your business?

    The possibilities are endless. We have expert freelancers who work in every technical, professional, and creative field imaginable.


How To Earn Money Freelancing

Manage Your Profitable Account

Stay up to date on the marketplace and keep in touch with your clients.

  • 1. Complete your profile

    Select your skills and expertise Upload a professional profile photo Go through the Verification Center checklist

  • 2. Browse jobs that suit you
    We have jobs available for all skills. Maximize your job opportunities by optimizing your filters. Save your search and get alerted when relevant jobs are available.
  • 3. Write your best bid

    Digital Marketing

    Put your best foot forward and write the best pitch possible. Read the project and let the clients know you understand their brief. Tell them why you're the best person for this job. Writing a new brief for each project is more effective than using the same one!


  • 4. Get awarded and earn

    Get ready to work once you get hired. Deliver high quality work and earn the agreed amount.

  • 5. FAQS

    What kind of work can I do?

    Whatever the job, you can find it on Complete your profile so we can match you to the right jobs.


Safe And Secure

Focus on Your Work & Team is a community that values your trust and safety as our number one priority. Our representatives are available 24/7 to assist you with any issues.

  • Pay with confidence

    Pay safely and securely in over 39 currencies through the Milestone Payments system. Only release payments when you are satisfied with the work.

  • 24/7 support

    We're always here to help. Our representatives are available 24/7 to assist you with any issues.