3 Proven Hacks for The First Lead Conversion During Pandemic

Two people are sitting at a table, facing a laptop. The screen shows a travel website with various travel-related images and options. They appear to be discussing or planning something, possibly a trip. The room is well-lit by large windows in the background.

The pandemic has made one thing pretty clear – Go online or Go Home!

For the businesses, this line is so apt! The businesses that failed to go online,
are facing the risks of going extinct. If you are still thinking about what is the first
step to take your business online, it’s about getting a website live!

Making the website is not an Achilles heel anymore. With the help of awesome
website builders, get your website ready within hours!

Searching for the best website template might be interesting. Depending on your
business you can check out some of the coolest platforms to create your own

Website Builder Comparison ensures that you select the right platform for having a seamless website for your business. No more sticking with the wrong selection, and crying over it as having the right platform for website creation, makes boosts your business rankings!v

Now that your business website is ready, won’t you like to know how to drive the first sales from your website.

Keep reading further to know what drives the audience to your website and helps them to gain a seamless experience.

1. Keep things simple: Yes, complexity doesn’t sell! Don’t you think people are getting busier with time? With so many things to juggle between, a simple website, with a clear CTA always helps.

But, simplicity in no way means less attractiveness.

As per the recent stats, close to 30% bounce off from the website if the layout is not attractive. So, how to keep your website simple and attractive?

Let a professional look into it and you focus on growing the business organically!

2. Explore the video space for marketing your products: What people want to see from the marketing gimmick is not your success stories, only! They also want to see your product.

Not just the images, but how they fit on their shelves!

If you are the manufacturer of a vegetable grater, your audience would not just be happy with the product display.

Video marketing is an integral part of the business. You can understand it simply by the fact that people use 16 hours a week for watching videos. What’s more interesting is that 60% of the people prefer watching videos over pictures!

So, why are you still stuck at using images for marketing your store?

3. Make payment gateway simple and landing pages simpler: Is it that your website is receiving views, but the leads are just not getting converted? Are you still wondering, where are you losing the customers in the funnel?

Did you check how many customers bounce off from the payment page? With the average abandonment rate close to 70%, it is time you track the major points where potential customers leave your website.

A smooth payment gateway always enhances the sales figures. With the abandonment rent close to 6% due to payment gateway issues, simplifying the payment process is always the best option.

Often, even the best SEO strategies fail to deliver excellent results.

Do you wonder why?

It is because of landing pages! While the pandemic has made us all go digital, our habit of instant gratification has not died out yet!

We wish to have the product, the payment gateway, and the sample video all at the same place!

A landing page, lacking any of the three, can lead to a potential loss of sales.


No consumer would love to toggle between pages just to extract more information! All in one place, makes the topline boom!

Bottom line:

Getting your first sale through a digital platform is always challenging. Yet, with the pandemic around, implement the right strategy to get rocketing sales figures.

Let us know your journey of getting the first sale from your digitized business! Your experiences help us grow!

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