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Outlook 365

365 outlook is a suite of cloud-based productivity and collaboration applications that integrates all Microsoft’s existing online applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Sway, and Access) into a cloud service, adding Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams as the main communication and collaboration applications. Enterprises of all sizes are finding Office 365 collaboration to be increasingly popular due to its ability to drive productivity, ROI and corporate success.

The top 4 features and benefits of Office 365 are:

1. Explore and Integrate: Office 365 Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office and other Microsoft programs. It takes just a few minutes to create a trial account that users can test and integrate with the cloud.

2. Collaborate Anywhere Anytime: With Office 365, users get web-enabled access to email, documents, contacts, and calendars regardless of whichever device or browser they use. This accessibility enables unified collaboration among employees.

3. Stay Up and Running ALWAYS: By running your applications in the cloud and storing your data there, too, you’ll ensure all your business documents and applications, such as email, will always be available – even if your company experiences a disaster such as a fire or a flood.

4. Flexibility: With multiple options in the Office 365 suite, enterprises buy only the office solutions they need and convert CAPEX into OPEX.

1. How do I access my email using Outlook?

Both Mac and PC clients will use their entire email address as their username (not just Firstname_Lastname). For set-up instructions see the Email Documentation page.

2. How do I set up my phone for Outlook 365?

Make sure that your username is your entire email address. To check this on an iPhone, go to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>YOUR BAYLOR ACCOUNT>Account.

3. How will I access my email using a web browser?

To access your email using a web browser, go to: portal.office.com. Remember to use your entire email address as the username.

4. How do I reset my password?

On the Outlook 365 log-in page, there is a “Can’t access your account?” link. This will not reset your password. You will reset your password by visiting the myBearID page. Click on the appropriate button – password is working or password is not working.

5. What is the maximum attachment size that can be sent or received with Outlook 365?

The maximum size of an email attachment must be limited to 25 MB.

6. Why is Outlook so slow on my PC?

If you are running Outlook in cached mode, you may want to take it out of cached mode, which is recommended by Microsoft. To remove Outlook from cached mode, please see these instructions

7. Where can I find training for Office 365, including training for Outlook 365?

Please click this link for Office 365 training:
Training and Tutorial

8. What is Clutter?

Clutter is a folder that is used for emails that you are most likely to ignore. You can read more about Clutter here.

9. How do I turn off Clutter?

Clutter can only be turned off by logging into OWA. For more details, see these instructions.

10. What if I am not receiving all of my messages?

Check your Junk Email. If you find that valid messages are going to your Junk Email, you need to add the sender to your “Safe Senders” list so that similar, future messages will land in your Inbox. To add to the Safe Senders list, right-click on the message and select “Junk” and then “Never Block Sender”. You may have to do this a few times before Outlook learns that messages from that sender is not Junk.

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