4 Useful Examples of Successful Sponsored Posts

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Sponsored posts which are third in monetizing your site after advertising and affiliate links, are the next tier. How do you present sponsored posts without making them look like ads in the middle of your heartfelt content? The key is to make them useful or entertaining for your readers. These are just a few sponsored blog post example that have done it well.

Here are sponsored blog post example:

Articles in Long Form

Sponsored posts content marketing is a big trend that emphasizes longer and more meaningful content. A study conducted by Orbit Media found blog posts with larger word counts generate more traffic. If the content is memorable and quality, it sticks with readers longer and eventually yields results.

Exclusive Interview with Julia Marino by Mountain Dew:

Vice Media published this feature article with long-form Sponsored posts. It featured a Q&A session with Julia Marino, a snowboarder who was a medal winner for the U.S. Olympic team at Pyeongchang 2018. This captivating article included references to several events Mountain Dew had sponsored.


According to a 2016 report from Statista, radio listeners have been on the decline. Podcast listeners, on the other hand, have skyrocketed, thanks in part to the rise of in-home interactive devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home. These channels are great for reaching new segments of a brand’s target audience.


Style & Pepper With Bailey’s Alcohol:

While many bloggers have done Oscar wrap-up Sponsored posts in part by Bailey’s, Jessie did hers with a delightfully brand-new approach. She created fashion cocktails from each and covered her favorite red carpet looks. To make each graphic feel S&P-appropriate, she used her trademark pepper shaker.

A Girl, A Style with Carphone Warehouse:

At first glance, it would seem impossible for Briony’s Parisian/London style to work well with an electronics store. B explained to me that readers often ask her technical questions about how she creates posts. This post was extremely helpful for her readers and provided links to tech products that she uses every day.


Infographics are a powerful storytelling tool for content marketers. Studies show that almost 50% of our brains are focused on visual processing. Infographics are a labor-intensive investment that your marketing team should make to create appealing and rich content.

Global LogisticsUPS:

This sponsored infographic was created by Good Media and Kiki Karpus to help the audience see the enormity of how a package travels from its source to your door.


Writing successful Sponsored posts will be a great way for you to add an additional revenue income stream to your bottom line! And now that you know my 5 tips for writing successful sponsored posts, I hope I’ve inspired you to tackle one soon!


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