5 Best Google Analytics Dashboards

What is a Google Analytics Dashboard?

Google Analytics provides you with a wide range of site performance data for key metrics like visits per page, returning visitors, top landing page, active users, and traffic channels. Those reports are fine for simple tracking but if you want to combine several metrics into a single view, you need a dashboard.

Why Should You Be Using a Dashboard

Most businesses want to know about more than just the traffic coming to their site. The most effective dashboards will pull information from different sources and combine them in once place to give you insights into your entire marketing funnel, including SEO, social media, Ecommerce and more.

Combine ad spend from your Facebook Ads and Google Ads accounts, social metrics from Instagram, and SEO metrics from SEMrush with your Analytics data – or any other combination of platforms you need to track. With Google Analytics Dashboards, you can even include custom data from any in-house systems you use.

The Best Google Analytics Dashboards

1. Basic Dashboard

Cemal Buyukgokcesu created the basic dashboard.

This dashboard depicts the types of visitors browsing through your site. Focusing on sessions and bounce rates provides you with a good insight into which sources are generating quality visitors.

 2.Content Marketing Dashboard

Vagelis Varfis proudly created it.

This dashboard examines the efficacy of your web content. It reveals which of the web pages is getting the most views, which of them are driving the best goal conversions, and which of them record the highest number of bounces (and require updating with CTA).

3. Google Analytics Digital Marketing Dashboard

 Loves Data  proudly created it..

 This dashboard gives you all the key stats on the types of visitors that arrive on your site. By focusing on demographics, devices, and locations, you get a full picture of your visitor’s context for learning about your product.

4. Google Analytics Ecommerce Dashboard

Blast Analytics & Marketing  proudly created it.

This dashboard looks at customer acquisition for ecommerce. It examines purchasing habits from mobile users and different referral sources. And by looking at product revenue by product, it helps you understand where you need to offer more products.

5. SEO Dashboard

Kevin Pike proudly created it.

You need to know the current pages generating you quality visits if you intend to prioritize your SEO activities. This dashboard walks you through the whole process-search query, page, and completion of a goal. It informs you of the exact organic search keywords that are driving quality traffic to your website.

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