5 Best Graphic Designers In The World

A person sits at a wooden desk, sketching in a notebook with art supplies scattered around. A large computer monitor displays various logo designs labeled "Ideas," "Brand," and "Business." The workspace includes a cup of coffee, watercolor paints, and a tablet.

As graphic designers, we all know that it is important to learn from those who have come before us.

There are many great graphic designers out there, hundreds, that have made significant contributions to graphic design. You should also get to know them. Know their names, their work, and their influence. This will make you a better designer and allow you to speak up in a discussion about the field

1.Jessica Walsh

Jessica Walsh is one-half of New York City’s Sagmeister and Walsh. Jessica has a lot of A-List clients like Jay-Z and Levis who are constantly vying to be her designer. Her designs are vibrant and retro and draw heavily from the 1950s. With a splash of color, think Mad Men.


2.David Milan 

He is an influential designer, art director, and lettering artist. He’s worked with MTV, HBO, and CNN. David’s unadorned style of typography combines digital and traditional methods to create striking designs for his clients. He then shares these designs with his followers via social media posts.

3.Leta Sobierajsk

Leta is eclectic, innovative, and unafraid to challenge the status quo. She is a graphic designer who is passionate about creating unique designs for clients. Leta’s Instagram account shows off her creative personality. She uses outrageous shapes and colors as her norm, which is a perfect example of her larger-than-life personality.


4.Luke Choice

Luke is a famous Australian graphic designer who then gave up life down to embrace the design influences of good old America. Velvet Spectrum, his studio, is based in Portland, Oregon. It focuses on the art of visual storytelling. Luke’s designs are unapologetically colorful and incredibly on-brand when it comes to visual storytelling

5.Jason Santa Maria

To list all of the titles that this influential designer holds would take us all day. His deep love of typography and traditional print elements is clearly illustrated within his social media postings.

Although he is not active on Instagram, Jason’s Twitter account is a great peek into the mind’s eye of a brilliant graphic designer.


Why is graphic design important for your business?

1. It helps to make a strong impression

A striking graphic design should make an impression on the audience. It is important to grab their attention and keep them interested. A powerful graphic design is the best way to achieve this.

 2.Creating a brand identity

Your business should have a strong brand image to help you stand out from your competitors and establish your identity. Each business is unique and you wouldn’t want to be like anyone else.

3. It allows you to communicate your information

often the case that words are not able to convey information effectively. It can be done with pictures, or rather, it can be done in a more engaging way. Graphic designers are able to play an important role in communicating information. Complex businesses have many different products, sizes, colors, and sizes. There are many factors that can affect your business. Sometimes, this can make it difficult to convey accurate information. GoodGraphic design you can communicate your offers in the form of reports, charts, or illustrations.

4. Good graphic design can tell a story.

Before deciding to purchase a product, it is essential that customers get a sense of the business. The audience or potential customers will be attracted to a thoughtful design. For example, For example, the concept of renewable energy is very different to a jewelry design idea. IKF created graphics to reflect the differences between these domains.

5. Strong graphic design = Strong consumer trust

Everything is available online, even the smallest details. Poor interactive design won’t communicate your brand’s message effectively as the visual isn’t easily understood and read by the audience. People respond quickly to rich illustrations so you need to use every opportunity to build consumer trust and confidence. Bad interface design can lead to a negative image of your company.

Follow in their footsteps

What do those footsteps look like? Nobody knows. Each of these creative graphic designers marches to the beat of their own drum and each produces something unique, impactful, inspirational, and beautiful.

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