5 Must-Have PPC Strategies to Skyrocket Your B2B Business in 2021

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2021 is just around the corner and if you are thinking to apply those same PPC strategies you were using in 2019 then it’s a big ‘No-No’. Be bold and try something new in this upcoming year.

We know that it is unlikely to move away from a comfortable routine of optimized and controlled paid search campaigns as it is working well for you but, you should take chances. Shouldn’t you?

2021 is your year to take a chance and be ahead of your competitors.

Why should I change my PPC strategies?

The shortest answer to this question is that– ‘you might be missing something’. Something which might be beneficial to you and your business. To put it meekly, many things have changed in these past few years and even in the ensuing years, there might be some surprises. These forthcoming changes might or will impact your business, competitors, and industries.

Even in online advertising plenty of changes have been made and if you are using the same old PPC advertising techniques then this is the time to introduce yourself to the new ones.

I am not sure where to start?

 Don’t you worry; we are here with the list of top 5 PPC strategies that you must try in 2021. Now let us begin.

  1. Audience Targeting

While reading about this first point you might be thinking about what’s new in this. Everyone knows about targeting their potential audience and converting them into leads. Truth to be told, not everyone is targeting their audiences. Most of you are using a keyword-only strategy. Now if you are one of them who is using ‘only’ this strategy and thinking what’s wrong with it when everything is going fine then, you are neglecting the power of combining your audience approach strategies and the keyword strategy. Linking your audiences and keywords will convert it into a powerful tool and a successful PPC advertising strategy for your business.

But the twist here is that don’t limit you in targeting only the relevant audience. Try targeting semi-relevant and long-shot audience groups too. You never know when they might turn into your potential clients.

  1. Call Recording

Lately, Google rolled out a call recording feature that allows advertisers to understand what happened after the call ended. Did the leads turn into sales? What questions did the consumer have in their minds while enquiring about the product or service etc.? One can say that this is one of a kind feature that helps in providing insights from the customer’s side.

Why is it beneficial?

Suppose you are interested in a product or service which might be complex, sensitive, or expensive. What will you do?

  • Will you buy it online?
  • Will you wait for your query to be answered via email?
  • Or simply you’ll make a phone call to get information regarding that particular service or product?

You know the answer to the above questions, don’t you? As a marketer you are much aware that converting leads into sales for a complex, sensitive, or expensive entity over the internet is quite tough but, answering those phone call inquiries is an easy task to make sales.

So now to rescue you from all the above-mentioned problems Google Ads aid you with call records- both the number of calls and their duration and their recording too. Eventually, now you’ll know what and how many calls turned into sales. Don’t bother about opting for third-party call tracking systems. Gone are those days. Relax now.

  1. Dynamic Search Ads

 If you are strategizing over keyword-based campaigns then dynamic search ads are for you. You just have to make sure that the pages which you select should be consistent (not frequently updated) and content-rich.

What are Dynamic Search Ads?

The subtle answer to this is that when Google crawls over your content it will match the searched terms by users, even the closely related ones. This feature will help in filling up the voids in your keyword strategized campaigns.

Additionally, Google does this amazing job of building long-tail targeted keywords which is an advantage as they usually turn into top-performing ad type keywords.

In any case, if you have the slightest of doubt regarding dynamic search ads techniques, you can take help from any dynamic search ads PPC agency.

  1. Remarketing & Customer Match

Okay, so we are on the fourth strategy which you should definitely try in this coming year. But, most of you are quite confused with these terms. Many marketers and advertisers use these terms as synonyms although they are way too apart to be that closely related.

Remarketing is basically putting up your ads or re-introducing your ads to the audience who have visited your website/s earlier. They might or might not know what you do or provide them with.

Customer match on the other hand makes use of your existing customer list who are not new to your business. Generally, these visitors have knowledge of what you do or provide. Customer matches often use your email list for reaching out to your potential audience via displaying ads on YouTube or searches in which they are interested.

  1. Bumper Ads

A nice and catchy two-word phrase, isn’t it? But what does it mean? If you don’t have any idea then here’s its meaning.

Bumper ads are really short ads, and with ‘really short’ we mean– six seconds video. We know it’s quite REALLY short but your B2B PPC campaign is incomplete without these videos. These videos are short, eye-catching and can’t be skipped. Therefore, one of your many audiences might show some interest in your ads and your business too. So this is something you should try your hands on in 2021.

A minute bump in this bumper ads strategy is that you will not be able to capture the audience with one repetitive ad. Thus, you need a cluster of them and then combine them with other ad formats. This might take a bit of hard work and time but nothing can’t be achieved without these two rights? Try it. Might work for you. Be positive.

Wrapping up

Year’s ending is near and so is the end of this blog. In the end, there is the only thing left to say and that is don’t run from new things. Move forward with the strategic changes happening around your business. Make your business adaptable or else it will become stagnant.

Give these strategies a shot and hope for the best!

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