5 Reasons You Need Organic Instagram Followers For Engagement

5 Reasons You Need Organic Instagram Followers For Engagement
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Instagram is a social media platform that connects people worldwide. A user can also share their life experiences by posting their stories. If you’re interested in becoming a social media influencer, Instagram is one of the platforms that can enable you to reach a larger audience.

According to Seek Socially, getting more followers is incredibly beneficial for content creators on Instagram. If you can gather significant followers on your page, you can monetize the content you post with the platform through:

  • Affiliate Marketing: You can put a tradable link on your content where clients can buy products from your sponsor. You can get a commission for each sale.
  • Instagram Badge Purchases: While on Livestream, you can allow your viewers to purchase badges. Badges are a feature on Instagram that enables you to let your viewers donate as a show of support.

There are many ways to accumulate sheer numbers of Instagram followers such as buying them from a provider. Depending on your plan, you can get as many as 1000 followers for a small payment. Even so, the followers you get from these agencies, though some claim as authentic, may only be inactive accounts or followers generated by bots.

Having organic Instagram followers may be challenging, but if you’re consistently posting high-quality content, you’ll soon meet your goals as a social media influencer. You may also check out other reasons like:

Getting Appreciated

Your content can inform your followers and affect how they perceive life. You may be posting your content to develop your skills in video editing or enhance your self-confidence without knowing that you’re already making someone’s day complete. Some of them may start sending you a direct message or manage to send out a gift.

To know that someone appreciates your work can be heartwarming. It can be more gratifying knowing that these messages are from real people. It’s a feeling that can make you feel recognized—your hard work, creativity, and dedication. Getting appreciated can help you keep your drive burning while aiming to give entertainment to your followers.

Getting More Chances Of Engagement

Getting More Chances Of Engagement

Social media engagement refers to the likes, shares, comments, and other users’ ways of interacting with your content. It allows you to connect with your viewers and determine the strengths and weaknesses of your content by checking out their opinion.

In addition, you can monetize your Instagram posts under engagement rate. You can earn depending on the number of engagements you obtained with your followers (number of engagements x USD$0.14USD or USD$0.16USD).

More People To Avail Your Members-Only Subscription

Like other social media platforms, Instagram allows content creators to have a members-only channel where they can post their exclusive content. Organic followers can avail themselves of this feature to show support as well. Members-only subscription ensures a recurring monthly income, especially if you take the media influencer career path as a full-time job.

More Followers

One thing about having real people on statistics is how unpredictable they can be. On Instagram, having organic followers can help you reach more followers after a certain period. You may have a small number of followers right now, but if that small quantity consists of real people with a significant number of followers, they can plug your content on their posts and live streams, letting you reach more audiences overnight. Organic followers can share your content with others, increasing your visibility.

Aside from this, conversion theory can come into play. This theory suggests that minority voices can affect the majority’s perspective. Your current organic followers may be small for now, but once they share your content with others, they showcase an idea of something unique and different. A new concept is always a great market to potential clients—a smaller number can ask the majority to give it a try (power of the word).

Additional Factor For Content And Page Authenticity

How do you perceive an Instagram page with many followers? Do you see them as famous figures capable of making high-quality content? The numbers on social media make a statement about someone’s page—an excellent start to increase your page’s credibility.

Others who see someone’s icon with many followers may feel curious and have a first impression that they’re beautiful people who post high-quality content, making them tap the follow icon. 


Instagram is a social media platform that allows you to earn a stable income by posting high-quality content. Aside from this, you allow others to see your great talent as a content creator. Organic followers ensure you monetize your content and receive recognition and suggestions to keep you growing as a social media influencer.

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