7 Digital Marketing Fundamentals Every SEO Expert Should Know

Digital marketing, owing to the digitalization of all industries, is one of the most popular domains at present. To grow a business, knowledge of digital marketing techniques is a must. One can reach their targeted audience through an online presence with the help of digital marketing. Because of the field’s huge demand, various online digital marketing courses are available to learn digital marketing. One must know all aspects of digital marketing fundamentals to succeed in this domain. In this blog, you will learn about the seven digital marketing fundamentals that every SEO expert should know. These marketing fundamentals will enhance your marketing skills so that you can put your knowledge to the best use.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

1. Understanding Your Digital Presence

People usually have a grip on their social media as these are just pieces of websites, profiles, and other content created by themselves. But one must understand their brand better, such as where and when it appears in placements. The media earned by experts causes many problems and difficulties. If one does not monitor online reviews, inbound links, brand mentions, and other social material, then they do not have a nuanced picture of the whole web presence.

2. Creating a Digital and Social Brand

Social and digital brands: these two terms have become common in the last five years. Digital branding has a dynamic nature because dynamic branding can shift the position of brands in a short period of time. As digital branding is a new and fresh aspect that is not taught in too many institutes, and its teaching is not so popular. But this is one of the essential fundamentals every SEO expert should know.

3. Tracking your Digital Campaign

Tracking digital campaigns is one of the essential fundamentals of digital marketing. One should know how to implement and track the advertisement metric for online drives. It provides the right time for the most active people to reach for brand posts. Using these analytics, one can improve their reach and sales.

4. Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is also an essential fundamental for digital marketing. It is a type of science and growing art. The very first step of marketing should be to analyze their competitors, such as other businesses with the same products as yours.

5. Use of Social Media

The use of social networking sites can be a game-changing aspect of digital marketing. Digital marketing is about social media because more than half of the population uses social networking sites. So because of networking sites, it becomes easy to reach many targeted audiences in a short period. Social media can attract more clients, and it also helps in connecting with older ones. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others can help grow a business. One can use different attributes and descriptions to have more active channels.

Consumers look for quality and reliable brands on social media and go for products with high reviews. You should watch new reviews and respond to them to build a connection with the audience. Social marketers have to be responsible for clients’ requirements and demands.

6. Using Data to Gain Business Intelligence

According to market professionals, the frequency and number of consumers are growing daily, and the point solutions are not enough longer. To gain business intelligence, you must know crucial factors such as competitor analysis, macroeconomic trends, consumer behavior, real-time search insights, etc. These factors help in enhancing business decision skills and affect the business to a greater extent.

7. Online Advertising

Online advertising includes paid promotions, which play a significant role in skyrocketing any business. There are various alternatives to advertising online such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Out Of Home (OOH), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Digital of Home (DOOH). Various marketing platforms are available for paid promotions. Some paid models are Cost per click (CPC) and Cost Per Mile (CPM). You can learn all of this from a PG in digital marketing course.

Creativity is also an excellent option for this purpose, including videos, graphics, and texts.

What are Some Courses to Learn Digital Marketing Fundamentals?

If you want to become a master in digital marketing and learn digital marketing strategies and techniques, there are various courses or online digital marketing courses available. Given below are two of the most popular ones.

1. PG in Strategic Digital Marketing: It is an online course of six months.

2. PG in Product Management and Analytics: It is an online course for six months.

What can be Learned in Digital Marketing Fundamentals?

You can develop various marketing skills to help grow a business, work as a freelancer, or commence a start-up. After pursuing a specific course in digital marketing fundamentals, you can learn various aspects of it in different specifications. Some areas are understanding your customers, email marketing, paid channels, measurements and metrics, affiliate marketing, conversion rate optimization, referral marketing, and organic media.


This article was about essential digital marketing fundamentals useful for anyone looking to specialize in the field. These marketing fundamentals help in improving and enhancing marketing techniques and skills. Marketers should be proficient enough to have a high power of thinking to discover new and different chances to grow a business. A course will help you learn about the STP model, BCG Matrix Framework and Ansoff’s grid, integrated marketing strategies, and more. Online digital marketing courses will help you acquire all the fundamental skills and start your journey to success.

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