Apple Employee Discount: Complete Guide

Apple Employee Discount

Does Apple sound like a fantastic place to work? Maybe you already got hired or maybe you’re assuming of seeking a job with the tech goliath. In either case, it’s necessary to comprehend the Apple employee discount as it’s one of their greatest perks. Here’s everything you require to know so you can take full-advantage.

What Is the Apple Employee Discount Program?

Apple names it the Employee Purchase Program, or EPP for short. It permits workers to buy products at decreased prices for personal use or to give as gifts to family and companions. There are buy limits in place, but the discounts are still really attractive.

Each year, employees can purchase or “sponsor” (fancy for purchasing it for someone else) up to 3 discounted bundles that contain a CPU (like a Mac Book) and display. In the same period, they can also get 3 iPhones, 3 Apple Watches, 3 iPads, and up to 10 iPods.

How Long Do Employees Have to Wait to Buy New Products?

After Apple establishes a new product, they will instantly be available for employees to buy with their discount.

This was not always the case as employees would often have to stay at least 1 month until they “opened” the discount to workers.

Eligibility for Apple Employee Discounts

Apple’s employee discount program is available to all employees, including full-time and part-time employees and temporary and agreement workers.

The Employee buy program goes into result after an employee has been on the job for 90 days. Apple CEO Tim Cook presented the program, which is just now going into development. Employees can pick between two discounts: $500 off the price of a Mac (mini excluded) or $250 off the price of an iPad. After operating the discount, an employee is no longer qualified for it for three years.

Employees are usually qualified for discounts after a specific period of employment, which promotes long-term commitment. To ready for the Apple employee discounts, employees must be 18 years old and show evidence of eligibility. This program is only designed for employees’ usage.

Instructions for Obtaining Discounts

Accessing employee discounts entails utilizing an Apple-provided reliable gateway or platform. Employees join their login details and can browse available discounted products, place orders, and have the things dispatched directly to them.

Other Discounts Apple Employees Should Know About

So you’ve got the knowledge on the big-ticket items. But there’s more to the Apple Employee Purchase Program than just catching the latest iPhone or Mac at a discount.

For starters, AppleCare is presented at a reduced rate when purchased alongside a new device. Extending the security and tech support for your new iPhone or Mac? Apple’s got your back with a unique promo rate.

The EPP store section also presents accessories. We’re speaking cases that can take a beating, screen protectors that fend off streaks and scratches, and all the other bells and whistles you didn’t know you required. Apple employees can fit their devices with all the extras they need for less.


Let’s be genuine: Apple products aren’t inexpensive. But if you’re already a die-hard fan and always refreshing the website for new releases, these Apple employee discounts can add up to deep savings. Wishing you luckiness in making the most of this sweet perk.

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