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Guest Posting Sites list In 2021 | Best sites

Guest Posting Sites list In 2021 | Best sites 

Guest posting/Guest blogging is not just about getting backlinks. It is an opportunity to target new audience, increase subscribers, grow your online audience and build relationships with other niche influencers.

Guest blogging can benefit you if you do it right. It’s a game not everyone can play, but to play well and win, you would need to know a few things and follow certain steps.

The first thing you should do is to determine the purpose of your guest blog. Why do you want to publish your content on other sites? As I said earlier, for a backlink or getting more followers. This should not take much time but is more important.

The second most important step is to find guest posting opportunities. Not every site on the internet accept guest posts but a few of them do. Everyone wants to publish content on top guest blogging sites but very few of them get through successfully.

Most of the guest bloggers intend to write for getting backlinks. To do this right, you would need to take care of few things. To publish your post on high authority sites, you would have to write high quality content. Otherwise, targeting multiple less authority sites would be the ultimate goal.

To help you get out of the research process I have listed below a big list of Guest Posting Sites that accept guest posts. Before reaching out for guest posting, make sure your site has quality content

+ Add your website in the list

Before you request site addition in our guest posting sites list please check requirements below.

  1. Your website must have DA/PA more than 10. you can check da/pa using our da checker tool
  2. We do not accept PBN, your website must be a real blog.
  3. Adult, gambling or any other illegal sites are not allowed.
    There is a Rs999.00 charge to add a new post.

If you need free listing or any help please contact us!

Site NameCategoryDAPAContact
All It E-Book
Education5236[email protected]
iSoftware Shops
Technology3120[email protected]
Five Chapter
Software1612[email protected]
Pro Service Appeal
Business2121[email protected]

Guest Posting Sites

Here are some other lesser-known Guest posting sites you can guest blog on to boost your company’s online presence:

1. ShoutMeLoud

36 of the Best Places to Guest Blog for Marketers (with Contact Info) – Shout Me Loud

2. The Huffington Post

One of the leading sources for news, entertainment, personal stories, wellness, style, technology and the trendiest topics. It’s the perfect place for those writing in multiple areas.

3. About

A website where hundreds of Expert writers publish articles and videos for over 1,000 topics. If you’re confident about what you know, this might be a good place for you to write.

4. HubSpot

HubSpot is a sales and inbound marketing software, helping businesses and individuals increase traffic, convert leads, and attain high ROI.

5. Mashable

The media source everyone goes to for digital innovation, breaking news, entertainment, technology, and resources. Where 45 million monthly visitors share the latest technological advancement.

6. Investopedia

You’ll come across topics that focus on investing to markets, business and everything else finance-related on Investopedia, the world’s leading financial education site.

7. Sitepoint

Sitepoint is a place where all web developers connect based on their love for building things on the Internet. It’s also where you can get the best training and advice on the latest web technologies.

8. Entrepreneur

Another leading source for marketing, finance, social media, business, and leadership that’s aimed at entrepreneurs and all people passionate about the business world.

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