Characteristics Held in common with All Customer-Friendly LMS Solutions

Supporting Education

In a world where job skills are constantly changing, ongoing training is an incredible resource. Companies are investing in learning management systems to help their employees succeed while not investing too much resources and cost in it. They offer a centralized platform for eLearning courses, delivery, tracking, analysis, and reporting. An LMS provides learners with easy access to eLearning courses. 

The advantage of using an AICC Compliant LMS is that it is more secure and has more flexible deployment options. What exactly is AICC compliant LMS? What characteristics are shared by all customer-friendly LMS solutions? Continue reading to learn more.

What is an AICC-compliant LMS? 

The International Non-profit Association of Technology Professionals created the Aviation Industry Computer-based Training Committee (AICC) as a non-profit E-Learning technology Standard. It was created for the use of E-Learning courses in any industry. An LMS must be AICC-compliant to host and deliver content that follows AICC’s nine guidelines and recommendations.

What are the characteristics held in common with all customer-friendly LMS solutions?


Learners, trainers, and managers are the primary users of LMSs. Most websites and software do not work well with all types of smart devices. As a result, most software receives negative feedback or complaints from users. Most people nowadays prefer and spend more money on their mobile phones than on any other device. A mobile-friendly interface can eliminate the inconvenience and benefit those who cannot afford to buy a PC. Furthermore, this mobile-friendliness allows learners to access online learning courses at any time and from any location in the world.

Offline Access

Virtual training platforms have proven to be an excellent mechanism for all types of corporate professions and educational institutions in recent years, eliminating all sorts of costs over traditional education. Offline learning is not a traditional education system; it is also a component of the virtual learning platform. Learners or users can download the course or load the entire content and click “play” with the help of offline learning facilities. 

Content Management 

Content management is another important feature of eLearning management software. The main goal of a virtual learning management system should be to make course delivery easy, simple, and flexible for all learners. A user-friendly LMS will allow you to drag and drop content into the appropriate location. It will create an easy-to-use interface that will allow anyone to create a course. An LMS should also include feedback and problem-solving option so that you can get all of the solutions quickly.

Track Performance

Following the learner’s performance is similar to tracking the score. When a person takes an online exam on any virtual platform, he expects to know his score at the end of the exam. So that learners can understand and identify their flaws and shortcomings. One of the exciting features of the educational website is that it awards a certificate to all learners who complete the entire course and attempt the post-test.

Interactive Features 

Another feature of a user-friendly LMS is the availability of audio and video call or conference facilities on every online LMS. These audio and video online learning resources enable slow learners and those who require one-on-one attention for complex problems. Aside from the chatbot and email service, effective communication between the learner and the instructor is essential. Audio and video calls assist learners in solving difficult problems.


Learners can customize their content, which is one of the special qualities of educational learning management. A personalized and branded appearance creates a more unified experience. Companies demonstrate that they have invested in providing employees with the skills they require to succeed. Customization allows you to personalize the interface by using your company’s colors, unique domain names, logos, and other elements. It is easier to share branded information with partners, different branches, or under different brand names when it is made generic. Users can even create different portals for various audiences.


A skilled and engaged workforce is essential for prospering in today’s competitive and volatile environment. LMS give your company the tools it needs to train current employees, streamline onboarding, and attract top talent. The desire to improve daily leads to a happier, healthier, and more successful organization. LMS can help you get there.

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