Crypto marketing 101: 5 robust strategies to promote your project

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The blockchain market is estimated to grow significantly in 2024, meaning that there will be more businesses in the crypto industry, and competition will be fierce. Starting a crypto project requires a bit of hard work, but the real challenge lies in promoting it. That’s because buyers within this industry are picky and don’t invest in every type of project – they seek reputable brands with credibility. So, the question is: how can you earn buyers’ trust and turn them into lifelong community members? Well, it’s definitely not a piece of cake! You must invest resources and time and use suitable marketing approaches. If you want to learn how to grow your crypto business, look no further! We’ll get you through everything you need to know about crypto marketing and provide 5 great strategies for your project. Let’s dive in!

What is crypto marketing?

Crypto marketing means promoting and selling crypto-related products and services. It involves any activity you take to build brand awareness, reach customers and boost sales. Crypto marketing has unique characteristics that differ from traditional marketing, such as:

  • using complex terminology and technology;
  • relying heavily on the support of the community.

To promote your crypto project, you must develop a solid marketing plan, which will determine your success. The industry has grown exponentially in the past years, and some have seen phenomenal returns when bitcoin price reached an all-time high.  But the more popular the industry gets, the higher is the competition. Hence, businesses in the crypto space must figure out how to stand out in the market.

5 top strategies to master your crypto marketing game

Design a professional website

Your crypto project can’t be successful if you don’t put effort into developing a professional website. In fact, this should be at the top of the list when looking for ways to promote your business. If you already have a website, that’s great -you’re on the right track. But if you didn’t yet create one, now is the time to do so. In both cases, it’s imperative to ensure your website includes all the necessary elements, including:

  • Links to your Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media accounts you have;
  • A detailed description of your crypto project;
  • Captivating images that will contribute to an excellent user experience;
  • An FAQ section;
  • Contact information.

Think of your website as a hub that houses all the information related to your project. If your audience wants to get to know your brand, they should be able to find the information they seek on your website. Make sure to put some thought into its design to make it as aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly as possible.

Build a community

A community brings together people with similar interests, and building one is a great place to start promoting your crypto business. It will help you attract new users and build a solid audience. Consider using platforms like Telegram, Reddit, or Discord, which is very popular among crypto enthusiasts. 

Such a community allows members to hold discussions related to crypto, and at the same time, it can help you figure out people’s pain points and what they seek from a platform. It’s an organic way to connect with potential buyers and establish yourself as an authority. But you must engage with members on different topics – not only those related to your project. Remember, you want to develop a connection with them first, not make it seem like you’re there only to promote your business!

Leverage email marketing

While social media is excellent for marketing, email is also an effective tool for communicating with customers. A sound campaign will help you build your reputation and credibility. But again, you have to focus also on engaging with your audience rather than just promoting your project. That involves using different kinds of emails, such as:

  • Brand announcements;
  • Onboarding emails;
  • Informative emails;
  • Welcome emails.

Creating a newsletter is the best way to share content with your customers. Email also allows you to reach new people and inform them about future launches. Unlike social media, email marketing doesn’t rely on an algorithm – it’s more like a 1:1 connection, which can be a significant advantage, increasing responsiveness from people.

Collaborate with crypto influencers

If you’re seeking a powerful marketing strategy, you should collaborate with an influencer. People relate with influencers, and they trust them even more than celebrities. So, this is the best way to launch a successful crypto project. Despite crypto’s popularity, some don’t trust it. And some simply don’t understand it. But influencers can change that by informing your audience. 

However, you don’t want to work with just anyone who calls themselves an influencer, as some may lack experience, healthy analytics and legitimate subscribers. Instead, you should work with someone who deeply understands the crypto industry. Here are some tips for finding the right crypto influencer:

  • Check different influencers on social media;
  • Use influencer marketplaces;
  • Hire a crypto marketing agency to help develop and monitor your campaign;
  • Identify content creators among your audience and turn them into brand ambassadors.

Use paid ads

Paid advertising is an effective strategy used commonly in marketing, and it can also work wonders for your crypto project, helping you reach the right audience. You can use different ad formats, such as:

  • Display ads;
  • Banner ads;
  • Video ads;
  • Retargeted ads.

However, you have to be willing to invest both time and money into this strategy, but considering the results it can bring, it’s indeed worth it. After developing your campaign, make sure to monitor your performance regularly – that way, you will collect data that allows you to adjust the campaign based on buyers’ needs.  

The bottom line

To run a successful crypto business, you must build brand awareness and reputation. Some are doubtful about the industry due to its volatility, but if you put in the effort, you can develop a loyal buyer community. 

Start by building an online community and earning your customers’ trust. Use different channels to engage with customers, and put effort into creating the right content that people will find valuable. And don’t forget to be patient – in time, you’ll reap the rewards of your hard work.

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