Design a Stunning Logo for Your Website Easily

Design a Stunning Logo

One of the parts of any website is its logo. All major and most visited websites have a unique logo that recognizes them. Even most Instagram store pages use the logo in their profile picture. A logo is a visual icon that defines our business identity. Now the question arises how to have an attractive logo? Therefore, this article will share with you how to make your logo cost-effectively.

There are several ways to design a logo. The first method is to design a logo yourself using design software such as Adobe Illustrator. It isn’t easy to work with this software, and you should be trained in this field. Another way is to ask a professional to design a logo for you.

But there is a third way: to use logo makers yourself. This method is an excellent option to get started; because it is free, and you can easily design your logo. For this reason, you will learn some best logo maker alternatives.

What effect does a good logo have on customer attraction?

You may be wondering why you should have a logo. This question is straightforward because images are usually more accessible and more memorable. For example, you all remember Apple when you see a bitten apple, and M-shaped arches remind you of McDonald’s. When we see a dress with a tick, we realize that this dress is from Nike. Wherever you see the letter for the blue dove, you can quickly realize that it is the symbol of Facebook and Twitter.

These cases show how vital a logo is and why you should have a memorable and simple logo. When a customer first buys from you, the name of the store or company is forgotten after a while. Even after a few purchases, the store’s name may be forgotten, but the logo is recorded in people’s minds faster and is forgotten later. Therefore, having a good logo affects our sales and increases online sales.

Before designing a logo, you’d better know the features of a beautiful logo. The logo should reflect the character of your business to some extent. In addition, the colors used in the logo also have a significant impact on its attractiveness.

The best online logo makers

Various Iranian and foreign sites are available for logo design. Some of these sites are entirely free, and you have to pay a small fee to use others. One of the features of online logo makers is that logo design is done quickly and has no remarkable complexity. Here are some of the best free logo design sites.


Canva is a complete reference for graphic design in which you can design almost anything, and It gives you all the functions you need to design your logo online. The most crucial feature of Canva is that it gives you a world of designs and tools. Many of the site’s ready-made designs and icons are paid for, but plenty of free designs are available. Working with Canva is very simple, and you have to move the designs and shapes you need by dragging and dropping the elements on the screen.


DesignEvo is one of the best platforms to make logos for free and where you can find more than 10,000 different logo templates for your company. Just choose a template that identifies your brand and let the tool do its work. And for sure, you should use your thought to make your logo design to express your brand image.

Even so, you can choose from millions of different icons to complement your design, select from more than 100 different fonts to create the perfect balance, export in SVG and PDF formats. The most pleasing thing is downloading your logo in the cloud or downloading it free.


Shopify is one of the largest e-commerce giants in the world. More than 1 million businesses have entered cyberspace through Shopify. The main feature of Shopify is that it provides all the necessary facilities to businesses. One of Shopify’s most widely used services is its online logo maker called Hatchful. With the help of this service, you can design your logo for free.

Hatchful has no money or facilities. An essential feature of this logo maker is that it provides you with the final design in different dimensions and qualities. Working with this logo design site is even easier than canvas, and you have to write your name and slogan. You will then be shown many logo designs to choose from, so your logo is easily prepared.


Squarespace, like Shopify, provides businesses with a range of tools. It also allows you to design a beautiful and professional logo. Squarespace is more straightforward than the other sites we introduced, and you have to choose an icon and text for the logo. After this, you can download the designed logo in any size for a fee.


FreeLogoDesign shows you a large number of logo designs, and you have to choose one of them. You can then change the design to your liking. This site has a simple UI and is entirely free to use. One of the disadvantages of this site is the small size of the output logo in the free version. If you want to get a higher-quality logo, you have to pay.


Logaster is another free logo design site. This site is not as helpful as other logo makers mentioned and has various disadvantages. The biggest problem with the Logaster site is that it only gives you a small logo in the free package. Also, the variety of designs is not as great as the other sites. However, visit this website if you cannot find your favorite design on other sites.


Logo design professionally costs a lot. If you contact several graphic design companies, you will realize that logo design costs you hundreds of dollars, and such an amount is too much for a start-up business. For this reason, the best and most cost-effective way to have a logo is to use online logo makers.

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