The Best Email Checker and Email Verifier Tools

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Removing low-quality email addresses from your list is an easy way to save your sender reputation, increase email deliverability, and enhance open and click rates. The most straightforward method to do this is with an email verification tool.

This article will look at 5 of the best email verification tools available so you can select one that satisfies your requirements.

How to select the best email verification tool?

When it comes to choosing the right email verification service for your requirements, there are several key criteria to think about. Let’s break them down:

1. Speed: Think of services that can process thousands or more verifications per hour for efficient campaigns.

2. Security: Make sure that the tool you pick is compliant with data security regulations in your area, like GDPR for data security.

3. Pricing: Opt for adjustable pricing models that align with your budget without compromising‌ quality.

4. Accuracy: Look for high accuracy rates, ideally above 95%, to ensure reliable email verification.

5. Integration: Select a tool that seamlessly combines with your email marketing and CRM platforms.

6. Support: Always look for services with responsive and useful customer support teams.

Best Email Verifier Tools


First on this list is a platform with a prior function to help you clean lists fast and when required. With NeverBounce’s Clean feature, you can do a quick initial review and know in an instant whether you require to clean up your complete list or not, thus saving period and effort.



Along with the Clean feature, NeverBounce also delivers services to assist you reach pristine email list cleanliness. One such service is identifying an excessive number of suspicious email addresses and cautioning the NeverBounce team to come in and do unique quality assurance. And while I haven’t tried this service out myself, its potential handiness is apparent. 


Comprehensiveness is Hunter’s second name, as this email outreach platform is provided with email address verification and email finder tools which will scan an address on numerous levels – format, presence of MX records, use of webmail such as Gmail or Yahoo, mail server reply, and more. On top of that, it will also confirm whether the email address is publicly visible on the web.



If you like to dig in deep with your email verification, then Hunter may well have all you’re examining for. 

Besides the email address verification status, this tool will also deliver details on the sources and make a comparison with a special database of experienced email addresses.

Along with that, what I found specifically convenient about this tool is that it comes in the form of a Google Sheets add-on enabling email verification instantly within the spreadsheet software.


Kickbox is an automated solution for email verification that delivers a powerful API you can smoothly integrate with the email tools you’re already operating. Its priority is on providing a user-friendly experience, pure transparency, strict compliance, and an efficient verification tool.


As far as “real and easy-to-use email verifiers” go, Kickbox passed my tests with flying colors. Moreover, its dashboard delivers complete insights and a proprietary Sendex™ score, which helps enhance email performance beyond simple list cleaning. My addresses were also validated immediately and I was able to fix typos on the spot, which is always a plus.


“Military-grade security” is a daring statement, but it is also how ZeroBounce defines its email verification tool. So, if you’re a data security lover, you should think of ZeroBounce as your tool of preference.



ZeroBounce passed my “accurate and easy-to-use email verification” test. But what made this tool stand out, in certain, is the email deliverability toolkit it delivers. This toolkit helps its users enhance their email deliverability even further after cleaning their email list, which is not something you gain with every email verification tool.


If clarity is what you’re after, then Bouncer could be the tool for you. With it, verifying email lists of up to 250k email addresses will be a breeze as a drag-and-drop tool is at your disposal.



Along with the noted ease of use, Bouncer’s dependence on proprietary algorithms supported by Artificial Intelligence is what caused me to include it on this list. These algorithms deal with SMTP servers so you can get the most precise results possible, which was certainly the case during my use of the tool.

So why do we need email verification tools?

Email verification tools are services that effectively take lists of emails and decide which addresses are deliverable and undeliverable.

For instance, if you take a list of 20 email addresses and upload it into a verification tool, you’ll get a report back of how many out of those 20 were deliverable, undeliverable, and dangerous.

Bypassing the undeliverable and risky emails is going to provide your domain has the best email deliverability possible aka you will avoid spam folder and your messaging will get through.

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