Fix ‘Instagram Keeps Stopping’ Problem: A Complete Guide

"Resolving the 'Instagram Keeps Stopping' Issue: A Comprehensive Guide"
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Instagram is a popular social media app that allows users to share photos and videos, as well as interact with others through likes, comments, and direct messages. But now an abundance of Instagram App users are complaining that they’re facing the “Instagram Keeps Stopping” issue on Their Android & iPhone.

“Instagram Keeps Crashing” & “Instagram Keeps Stopping” a common blunders or issues that Instagram app users may encounter on their mobile devices. It refers to the Instagram app suddenly closing or crashing unexpectedly, preventing users from accessing or using the app properly.

Instagram app crashing for no specific cause can be a bit confusing. But, we think there are certain reasons for the app to crash and we have made a checklist of potential causes for Instagram crashing and how to fix the issue.

Reasons Why Instagram Keeps Stopping

Reasons Why Instagram Keeps Stopping

There could be several reasons why Instagram keeps stopping or Instagram App Keeps smashing on your device. Some possible reasons include:

  1. Outdated App Version: If you are using an outdated version of the Instagram app, it may not be compatible with your device’s operating system or may contain bugs that force it to crash.
  2. Corrupted App Data: Over time, the data associated with the Instagram app, such as cache and temporary files, may become corrupted, leading to problems like crashing.
  3. Device Compatibility Issues – Instagram requires certain hardware and software specifications to function properly. If your device does not satisfy these requirements, the app may crash or stop working.
  4. Network Connectivity Issues – Instagram requires a stable internet connection to function properly. If your device has insufficient or unstable internet connectivity, it may cause Instagram to stop reacting or crash.
  5. Device-Specific Issues – Some devices may have outstanding compatibility issues with Instagram due to variations in hardware, software, or settings. This can result in the app crashing or not functioning as hoped.
  6. Bugs or Glitches in the App – Like any other software, the Instagram app may contain bugs or glitches that force it to crash or stop working. Reporting the issue to Instagram’s support team or pausing for a bug fix in a future app update may be necessary.

Methods to fix the Instagram crashing issue

If you are having a problem with the Instagram App Keeps Stopping, here are some steps you can take to try to correct the Instagram Keeps Stopping problem.

1. Updating the Instagram App

Instagram tends to crash a lot when your app is not updated, as there might be some bug or glitch that can only be addressed by updating the app to its latest version.

Android users can navigate to the Play Store by Google to install the update.

iOS users can go to the App Store to download the latest update of Instagram.

Why updating Instagram is essential? 

The updates by Instagram can alter the way this app works. These updates tend to change the overall user interface and the experience for the content creators and users. These updates show how Instagram confirms that its users have a seamless understanding of the app free of bugs and glitches.

Sometimes you update the Instagram app for other reasons like letting you see more text on a particular post, allowing you to have more sets of filters, and whatnot.

What do these updates mean for Content Creators?

Not only do these updates help you get rid of hitting the app, but other features are also introduced, like getting a more little time frame to tell your content concisely with the help of visual effects rolled out in the latest update.

What do these updates mean for the User?

Users’ interactive experience with the app changes tremendously as well. Along with fixing the crashing problem, your timeline becomes cleaner with appropriate hashtags that you tend to follow; you find that long text posts are less on your timelines as well.

Users also find that the content posted becomes more engaging and less banal with the addition of new filters.

We feel that these updates are not necessary and don’t need to be downloaded on a timely basis, but these little efforts do change your overall Instagram experience, and the chances of Instagram crashing also decrease.

2. Restarting Your Phone

Restarting Your Phone

Another way to address the Instagram crashing issue is by simply restarting your smartphone. Restarting your smartphone clears out specific mistakes and glitches. If you still face the app crashing issue, then we have stated how to fix Instagram crashing in distinct ways in the article.

3. Check your phone’s available Storage 

If you have low Storage on your smartphone, then that can also lead to Instagram crashing. You need to ensure that your smartphone has 10-20% free Storage to ensure that Instagram doesn’t crash regularly.

Check Storage on Android

  • Navigate to Settings on your Android phone.
  • Go to the Storage option. 
  • Here, you’ll notice the storage that is remaining on your smartphone.

You’ll also witness what amount of Storage is taken by other apps on your phone. 

Check Storage on iOS

  • Navigate Settings on your iPhone.
  • Click on General > iPhone Storage.
  • Check the Storage that is available to you

If you do not have abundant free space in your smartphone, we would suggest you delete specific files or apps and deletion check if your Instagram is crashing or not.

4. Check Instagram’s cache and clear it

If you have just updated your Instagram app, then it is possible to clear the cache present in the app. This is an excellent method to stop Instagram from crashing.

Clean cache on Android

  • Press on the Instagram logo for a few seconds. 
  • Select the App Info.
  • Now navigate to Storage and click on Clear Cache.
  • Another way to go to the App Info is Settings> Apps> Instagram

After clearing the cache, check if your Instagram is working fine or not.

Clean cache on iOS

For iOS users, there is no option to clean the cache of their apps. The only option for iOS users would be to delete the app and reinstall it from the App Store as such deletion will clear the cache, and reinstallation will clear the cache space.

  • Press on the Instagram logo for a few seconds. 
  • Select Remove App.
  • Select Delete App.
  • Go to the App Store and reinstall Instagram.

Now log into your Instagram account to see if the app is working properly and if the Instagram app is fixed and not crashing anymore.

5. Leave the Beta version of Instagram

If you have enabled the Beta Version on Instagram, you are more inclined to crash because these Beta Versions are not stable. We recommend you leave the Beta program and resort back to the standard version of Instagram.

Leaving the Beta version on the Android

  • Open the Play Store and search for the Instagram page.
  • Scroll down to You’re a beta tester window. 
  • Click on Leave and wait till you get notified. 
  • Now uninstall Instagram and reinstall the standard version of Instagram.

Leaving the Beta version on iOS

For iOS users, the option to enroll in the Beta version of Instagram is different as you need Apple’s Test Flight app on your iPhone. If you have the Beta version and want to opt for the standard version of Instagram, then remove the Beta version from the Test Flight app on your iPhone.

6. Uninstall Instagram and Reinstall it

Another way to solve the Instagram crashing problem is by uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. There are chances that this way will work as all the errors are cleared, and you are less likely to meet the Instagram app crashing issue.

  • Press on the Instagram app icon for a few seconds.
  • Select Uninstall(Android) or Remove App(iOS)..
  • Reinstall Instagram from the Google Play Store or App Store.

7. Update Your Phone’s software

Updating your smartphone to the latest version helps with any bugs or mistakes in the current Instagram update of the app.

Updating Android Smartphone

  • Open Settings on your phone.
  • Scroll down and click on Software Update.
  • Select Software Update (steps may differ across Android devices).
  • Check if any updates are available and if there are just downloads.

Updating iOS 

  • Navigate to Settings on your iPhone.
  • Go to General > Software Update.
  • Check for updates and install if there are updates available.

8. Check if Instagram’s servers are down

You scroll through the search engine and go through Twitter’s trending section or news websites to see if Instagram is down or not. If you get the news of it being down, then wait for some time to let the servers restore. Such servers being down are because of technical issues in the app.

Downdetector’s website is another way to check for this issue.

9. Other Apps may be causing Instagram to crash 

It happens that there might be other apps that may be disrupting your Instagram app and leading it to crash. A bug from Android’s software may crash your Instagram app.

10. Instagram crashes while you upload a Post or Story?

The reason for Instagram crashing while uploading any content can be that the image or video that you are attempting to upload is not compatible with the app’s needs.

In case the format of your image is not JPEG or PNG, then you are likely to face the Instagram app crashing. In case of videos being uploaded then, you can always take down the overall resolution of the video to a tad bit lower quality. For example, if Instagram crashes when you try to upload a video with Ultra HD resolution 4K 120 FPS quality, reconvert it to Full HD resolution 1080p 60 FPS quality and then try again.

For iOS users, there is the option to change the quality of content from High Efficiency to High Compatibility in Camera settings. 


Instagram crashing suddenly for no reason can be an irritating experience. We hope one of these methods helps you clear the Instagram crashing issue on your smartphone.

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