Grow Your Website DA PA, Here Are Actionable Tips

Grow Your Website DA PA

Domain authority or DA of the website is a search engine ranking score that tells how well a website ranks high in Search Engine Result Pages.

Moz created the DA metric and it ranges from one to 100 respectively.

According to Moz: “Domain authority of a website is calculated by analyzing multiple factors”. 

Some of these factors are:

  • Linking Root Domains
  • Quality of the Content
  • Social Signals
  • MozTrust and MozRank

How to check Domain Authority?

You can check DA PA of your website simply by using multiple domain authority checking tools available on the internet.

The da checker analyzes the Moz ranking factors of a website and generates the accurate DA score within seconds.

These tools also calculate the Spam Score and IP Address of a website.

Now, it is clear that what the domain authority of a website is, and where you can check it.

Let’s discuss that how you can easily improve the DA score of your website. 

For this purpose, we are going to discuss some useful tips that can help you to improve your site’s DA. 

5 Actionable Tips to Grow Your Website Domain Authority

1. Improve your Off-Page SEO

The link profile of your website is one of the most important metrics of all.

Websites having a strong backlink profile will definitely have a high domain authority score as compared with sites with having low link profile.

Therefore, the main question is how you can make a strong link profile.

The process of improving your website involves techniques that can help you to get quality backlinks from high-authority websites.

To get strong backlinks, you can follow the below two ways to get good links:

  1. Natural Link Building
  2. Do Some Quality Blogger Outreach

Also, to make your profile stronger, remove bad links from your profile.

To get rid of bad links from your link profile, you use Ahrefs. This will help you to find broken links within seconds.

2. Work on the On-Page Optimization

The next step in growing your website authority high is to improve its On-Page SEO.

The On-Page optimization includes the process of optimizing the webpage and its content.

Some of the important factors included in On-Page Optimization are:

  • Optimize Titles and Descriptions
  • Correct use of Heading [H1. H2, H3, etc.] within the content
  • Avoiding Keyword Stuffing
  • Making internal links in the content
  • Formatting the content in such a way that it has more chances to rank in Google’s featured snippets
  • Uploading Quality content on the site

3. Improve the Technical SEO

Working on the technical SEO of a site includes some low-level SEO tasks.

Once you correct the technical SEO from the very first day, there is no need to correct deal it again.

Some of the common technical SEO settings include:

  • Registering the website with the Google Search Console
  • Creating the XML Sitemap
  • Checking the Robot Txt settings
  • Properly defining the breadcrumbs menu on all pages
  • Migrating the website to HTTPS

4. Increase Social Signals

Google has stated many times that social signals are not part of the Google ranking algorithm.

However, there is a coloration between social signals and those pages rank high in search engines.

Some top-ranked pages in search engines tend to have many likes and tweets on popular social platforms.

To increase the DA score of your website, all you need to do is:

  • Work on your Facebook business page and try to increase followers
  • Make sure you have an active social media presence on some social platforms.
  • This will help to get more likes and tweets on the content that you share on social media platforms.
  • Always add a social media button on the webpage. This helps readers to share your content wherever they want.

5. Improves Page Loading Speed

Page speed is one of the commonly known signals of the Google ranking algorithm.

This helps the website to load instantly as compared with the slower websites.

Improving your website’s page loading speed does not only improves your DA score but will also provide a great user experience to visitors.

To improve page-loading speed, follow the below steps:

  • Update all WP Plugins to their latest versions
  • Remove all the non-essential plugins
  • Optimize the file size of the images placed in the content
  • Always use a caching plugin.
  • Don’t forget to use the content delivery network in case of having big CSS files

Wrapping Up

Domain authority is a number that shows the performance of a website in SERPs. 

You can check the DA score of a website simply by using online domain authority checking tools.

Moreover, to improve the DA score of a website first work on the on-page SEO and try to make a strong link profile by getting high-quality backlinks.

Further, focus on improving the page loading speed and technical SEO of the website.

This will play a key role in improving the domain authority of the site in the perfect way.

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