Hook VPN – Fast & Secure VPN Review: Is It Safe? 2024

Hook VPN Review 2024: Unveiling the Fast & Secure VPN – Is It Safe?
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Hook VPN is an innovative and secure VPN solution that provides users with blazing-fast connections and unlimited bandwidth. It is the perfect choice for anyone looking to unblock any content, browse anonymously, and enjoy the most secure VPN connection on the go.

What is Hook VPN?

Hook VPN is a freemium Virtual Private Network app available exclusively for Android (5.0 and above) devices, by developer Charles KEV.

App details from the developer:

“Hook VPN provides a fast, reliable, and secure proxy to unblock any content and browse anonymously. Free & unlimited bandwidth, a network of blazing fast servers and connections globally. The best VPN for Android was recognized by Award Choice 2021 for the most innovative VPN solution. Using state-of-the-art connection optimization technology and military-grade encryption provides the highest level of reliability and security for your connection.”

Where to Download Hook VPN?

Hook VPN can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store here, the APK file is also available at Malavida for those who require it.

Hook VPN Overview

Hook VPN Overview


  • 1-Click Operation
  • No log-in required
  • Low-cost premium option
  • Thousands of servers spanning 60+ countries
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Open VPN Protocols


  • Recent (2023) reviews suggest regular errors whilst connecting
  • Repetitive Ads
  • We were unable to access the app’s privacy policy
  • No mention of a ‘no-logs’ policy

Why Use Hook VPN?

Hook VPN is a great choice for anyone who wants to unblock any content, browse anonymously, and enjoy a secure VPN connection on the go. The app is easy to use, takes just one tap to secure your connection within seconds, and requires no signup or registration. It is also optimized for Android devices and comes with features such as unlimited bandwidth and thousands of high-speed servers.

1. Security Features

  • Encryption Standards: One of the first things I checked was the encryption protocols Hook VPN uses. Reddit users often emphasize the importance of AES-256 encryption, which is the industry standard for security.
  • No-Logs Policy: I also looked into whether Hook VPN maintains a no-logs policy. This is crucial for ensuring that my online activities aren’t recorded or stored, a point often highlighted in Reddit discussions.

2. Speed and Performance

  • Server Speeds: On Reddit, there are mixed reviews about Hook VPN’s impact on internet speeds. Some users report minimal slowdowns, while others have faced connectivity issues.
  • Server Locations: The availability and variety of server locations can significantly affect performance. Redditors have shared varied experiences regarding Hook VPN’s server access and efficiency.

3. User Interface and Ease of Use

  • App Usability: The user-friendliness of Hook VPN’s app on different devices is a common topic on Reddit. I found that a straightforward and intuitive interface is highly valued among users.
  • Compatibility: From my research on Reddit, Hook VPN seems to fare well in terms of compatibility with various operating systems and devices.

4. Privacy Jurisdiction

  • Company Location: The location of Hook VPN’s company is a critical factor. Redditors often delve into the implications of the company’s base, especially concerning data retention laws.

5. Customer Support

  • Support Quality: Reddit threads have provided insights into the quality of customer support offered by Hook VPN. It appears that quick and efficient support is a significant advantage.

6. Price and Value for Money

  • Subscription Costs: In my quest to determine Hook VPN’s value for money, I found that Reddit users often weigh the cost against the features offered. The consensus seems to be that Hook VPN offers reasonable pricing.

7. Additional Features

Additional Features
  • Unique Offerings: Features like a kill switch, split tunneling, and P2P support can be crucial. My research on Reddit indicates that these additional features are often deciding factors for many users.


Overall, Hook VPN is a great choice for anyone who wants to unblock any content, browse anonymously, and enjoy a secure VPN connection. It is easy to use, requires no signup or registration, and features unlimited bandwidth and thousands of high-speed servers. The only downside is that connection and disconnection can be difficult and sometimes slow speeds.

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