How to become a Freelance web developer?

Freelance web developer this guide is geared towards those who have already decided to go the freelance/self-employed route. If you’re debating whether you wish to work for yourself as Freelance web developer, then you may wish to read the first section of my article on making money .

For those who have already decided to become Freelance web developer that it’s time to strike out on their own, let’s get to it.

Steps to become freelance web developer:

1. Find your niche

Want to stand out from the crowd?

Firstly you’ll need to find a web development course and upgrade your skills.

Then, find yourself a niche and focus your skills.

While it’s great to be a programmer that can do a bit of everything, your value will be higher as an expert in just a few.

You don’t ever just want to be “that developer guy/girl I know” but rather “an expert developer for [insert problem here]”.

It’ll be much easier to advertise your skills and make a name for yourself if you can say you’re the best in a particular, sought-after area, or the only one who can do it.

2. Start building – anything and everything

You’ve found your niche.

Congratulations! Now it’s time to get building.

The best place to start is your portfolio website, the one website you will update, edit and continually develop for your entire career.

Your portfolio is a way of displaying your skills to become Freelance web developer and having an easy reference for potential clients.

If in doubt, remember: your goal is to be easy to find, easy to remember, and good to know.

3. Build your personal brand

It’s all about the hustle!

Getting your name out there as an expert in the field can be tough, but if you want the freelance lifestyle, you’ll have to hustle for it.

There are so many opportunities for professionals to get known without spending a penny.

By showcasing your work, building a network, teaching and blogging like an expert, you will find more than enough ways to connect with people and for people to find you.

It’s crucial that you talk to people. Online and off.

Always keep in mind that you’ll have to talk to a lot of people to find and land clients, so get used to it!

4. Get organised

Becoming a Freelance web developer is not just about knowing how to code.

It’s about being a project manager, a sales person and head of customer care.

You might not have had much experience in these areas but they are just as crucial to the success of your freelancing career.

5. Build up your experience, project by project

Now that you’ve got that new, in-demand skill to become Freelance web developer under your belt and a slick website, it’s time to do some real projects to show potential clients.

Upwork, Glassdoor and are great online marketplaces for newbies in the field to start taking on jobs and gaining experience.

Do this while you’re still in your fulltime job to get a feel of the amount of time you’ll need and what you can realistically start to earn per project.

6. Be brave

This is my final and most important piece of advice to become Freelance web developer :

When you start out, you’re not going to be an expert in your field.

You may take on projects that you aren’t sure how you’re going to finish. If that’s the case, if you’re not 100% confident of how you’re going to complete a project…

Give your client a realistic idea of when they can expect that work back.

If you tell them it’s going to take longer than they expect, it’s better you tell them that now than when the deadline has passed.

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