How to delete a photo or video from an Instagram story?

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Instagram has become one of the most amazing social networks to showcase your talent, skill, artwork and interest to like minded people.  If you love horror flicks and theater stories that nobody in your home is actually fond of, you should try Instagram. Millions of people have got to share the same interest with you and if you feel like sharing your ideas with them, you will find them ready to communicate with everything that you have got to discuss about.


Although Instagram started as only a photo sharing network a long time ago yet it has become much more than it is now.This evolution of the network has more to do with the interests and hobbies of Instagram users who keep on demanding a new feature every coming day. More so, Instagram developers are not short on ideas of mixing their creative thoughts with the essence of social networks to bring more diversity on the network. This could be just one reason that a lot of people prefer to use Instagram to Facebook and Snapchat. However, it all depends on what people love the most and enjoy when they connect with other people, apparently Instagram has more to offer compared to any other network.


The network also has too many similarities in terms of features with Facebook but it stands out from it due to adding pizzazz in the filters, effects and transitions. This is something hard to find on Facebook, the pixels break down and the quality of photos alter if you upload it on the network. On the contrary, you are going to notice that a lot of HD photos are available at your disposal on Instagram.

Instagram stories:

If you have been using Facebook for quite some years you may have an idea as to what the stories are. You can display a photo or video for up to 24 hours on your story for everyone to view. The stories are more of a display of your daily chores, activities and doings, they are different from the posts that you make to show on your social page. Your stories can be short or long depending on the length allowed by the social network. The shorter they are, the better they will look and you may have more views on them. On Facebook, when your stories are viewed by anyone other than your friends you never get to view their username at all. It is different on Instagram though.


Instagram stories are vertical photos and videos that a user uploads on the profile. A video must have been around 15 seconds only in length or else it won’t upload easily to the story section. Any video or photo content that you upload on story will stay there for 24 hours only after posting and no longer than that.


Instagram stories are usually displayed on the top of the Instagram profile page rather than being displayed elsewhere on the feed. Anyone can come to view your profile page in order to have a glance at your story.

How can stories be useful for your audience:

Stories are a diverse way of showcasing your photos and videos to your audience as well as followers without overcrowding your Instagram feed with too much content. Most commonly they resolve around a special event, chore or party that happened during a particular time period. Let’s say you have had fun parties during Christmas, you can make short videos and present them on your stories, name them as Christmas memories, and they will display on your stories for 24 hours and disappear.


Instagram stories are much more casual than the Instagram feed itself. Your story may be more tempoting and engaging than your content for being brief and short. I would say that they are more of an experimental feature introduced by Instagram that is working so much better than expected. In the end, the purpose of the network is making more useful features for the users and so far it has been successful in any experimental attempt that it ever made.


How to delete a photo or video from an Instagram story?

A lot of Instagrammers get confused when they use the Story features, assuming that their photos  will be displayed forever on the top of their profile page when used in the story. It happens normally when you have made a new account and just started using it not very long ago.

You may have put a photo or video on your Instagram story believing that it will pop up on the feed but now you have realized that it will only stay there for 24 hours. Or you may have accidentally uploaded some media content to your Instagram story that now you wish to delete for a personal reason, if so, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First log into your Instagram account by entering username and password.
  2. Go to your profile page and tap on the stories.
  3. Now find out the photo and video that you wish to delete from your story section.
  4. Once you find it, click on “ More option” located by side of three vertical dots.
  5. There is a tap delete option.
  6. It will ask you for the confirmation, tap delete for confirmation.
  7. Your Instagram photo and video has been deleted.

By using the same method you can delete or hide almost any Instagram story from your Instagram page. There might be different reasons that you have chosen to delete the photo and video from the page, whatever it is, just know that deleting anything from the story won’t take much time. All you have to do is click on ‘More’ that usually shows up next to three dots and then press delete to remove any photo or video from the story. Once you do it, your story for the day gets deleted itself and you won’t have to worry about needing to wait 24 hours for it to be automatically removed by the system.

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