How to Download Netflix Videos?

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Netflix, Inc is an American production company which is headquartered in Los Gatos, California. This company was established in the year of 1997 by two hard-working persons named Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings in Scotts Valley, California.

It is also available in the online entertainment platform to give you unlimited TV shows, movies, and more through the internet. If you want to watch any movie or television show from Netflix, you can easily download it on your computer or mobile phone.

First of all, all users should need to know how to download Netflix videos on your PC, smartphones, or portable devices.


About Netflix Streaming Service

With this easy and quick download option, you can watch its videos or shows anywhere and at any time you require. This Netflix online streaming service actually offers a wide range of movies, award-winning TV shows, documentaries, feature films, anime, and more on the huge numbers of internet-connected devices.

You can watch the videos whenever and wherever you want and also as much as you want without even a single advertisement and also at truly affordable monthly premium charges. If you want to download any video from this website, you have to first enter your valid email id and make or restart your membership at this Netflix platform.

Here, you can absolutely enjoy your entertainment videos, shows, or movies on your television by watching them on your smart TVs, Xbox, Playstation, Apple TV, Chromecast, Blu-ray players, and more.


The Free and Paid Methods to Download Netflix Videos

You can use the following important steps and ways to download movies or TV shows to easily watch even offline. You can watch Netflix videos everywhere as it streams unlimited TV shows and movies on your tablet, smartphone, TV, or desktop/laptop devices. There are huge numbers of videos available to entertain and excite your children.

If you want to download videos for your kids, first you have to create profiles on this Netflix website for your little ones. Once you have opened a free membership for your children, it will send your kids on adventures with their most preferable characters in the space created just for them.

The following are the two-stream video downloaders that you can use to download the videos from Netflix for offline viewing.


  1. StreamFab Netflix Downloader (Paid)

This is a powerful stream video download program that you can use to download various types of Netflix videos and it supports all major video formats.

  • Whenever you want to download Netflix movies, TV shows, and other videos, you can make use of this DVDFab online-based paid Netflix downloader either in 1080p or 720p high quality.
  • All the videos can be downloaded with the subtitles in your preferred language and also first-class AAC audios on the 5.1 channel.
  • It offers the features to download streaming videos of 1080p quality from Netflix and even some other popular websites.
  • Similarly, you can also download 4K or 8K videos from the Netflix website.
  • Here at this platform, batch video download is also possible at 320 kbps speed.


  1. FlixGrapPlus (Free)

FlixGrapPlus is a unique application that helps to download any videos from the Netflix website. With the help of this platform, you can download all types of Netflix serials, documentaries, TV shows, movies, and more.

With this online platform, you can watch and download any Netflix video for your offline purpose on any device. It happens especially without disturbing Netflix limitations and also without spending online traffic.

This particular application is completely free of cost and for your personal use only. In order to make use of this FlixGrap+ application for your download needs, you should have an active account on the Netflix website.

The following are the most important steps regarding how to download Netflix videos using this application. They include,

  • Install FlixGrap+ application
  • Add URL of your Netflix video using + Paste URL button
  • Press download button
  • You have to wait for a while until the video has finished its downloading process.
  • Now, you can enjoy watching videos on your computer or mobile device.



Both these software applications to download the Netflix videos will give you a top-level of security, fast performance, and also the best support at all times. At the same time, they also have a nice, completely new, and user-friendly interface to support downloading Netflix HD videos in 720p or 1080p high quality.

This is why these streaming video download applications are simple even for beginner-level users. Also, please note that the use of that software is only for personnel use.


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