How to Enhance Your Organization’s Recruitment Process using Gamification

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The manual recruitment process is no more successful for any organization. It consumes machine work, and man works both to an extreme level and obviously takes a big portion of time to hire people.

Since the corporate level agencies have switched to the automated process for any kind of activity at the workplace, the recruitment process is also growing with the help of automation.

In such a case, gamification is a trendsetter terminology that is adopted mostly by agencies. Gamification refers to the game-like mechanics that are incorporated into the processes for taking the hiring process to the next level of success.

WordPress gamification is now a popular tactic, and most business owners are incorporating gamification elements into their websites for rapid growth. When it comes to the recruitment process, HR managers tend to opt for the gamification process that makes the work pressure half.

This blog will tell you how you can enhance your organization’s recruitment process using gamification. Before that, let’s have a look at the success stories that have adopted the WordPress gamification terminologies to the hiring process and how they made it easy.


Recruitment Gamification Success Stories

A well-researched report found that more than eighty-five million jobs could go vacant due to a lack of unskilled people to apply to them by 2030.

Let’s see what success looks like in organizations’ recruitment process.

  • Google, a well-known and most popular tech-daddy, organized a code-writing competition to discover the polished talent. The participants happily participated in this competition to earn monetary prizes up to $50,000 and an opportunity to get hired in Google.
  • Marriot, a popular hotel, created a game for recruiting talent for hospitality services. The game has particular levels in which participants have to cater to the responsibilities of kitchen management. It helped the Marriot recruitment manager to pick the best candidates among all.
  • Formaposte, the french postal service, decided to decrease the dropout rate, and it opted for the gamification technique; it created an academy in which participants could live the life of a postman for a week to put themselves into the shoe of a postman for an empathetic purpose. The effort was successful, and the dropout rate decreased from 25% to 8%. That is incredible.

WordPress Gamification

As we know, WordPress is a widely-used content management system for building and designing websites for any niche. WordPress gamification helps you make the process easy and quick. There are numerous WordPress gamification plugins available for enhancing the organization’s recruitment process, but in this blog, we will discuss myCred and its add-ons.


myCred – Points, Rewards, Gamification, Ranks, Badges & Loyalty Plugin

myCred is the well-known point management system that rewards customers for performing activities on your website and builds loyalty programs without any marketing effort. The digital rewards contain points, badges, and ranks.

It contains more than fifty useful add-ons that can be used for WordPress gamification in the recruitment process.


Let’s Hire Talents

Entice your candidates by shifting the boring hiring process into an exciting one with the help of gamification tactics. This is possible if you offer them digital rewards such as points or perks in the application phase from start to finish..

It will grab the candidates’ attention and compel them to go through the process by paying attention and with loyalty. To motivate them, there are two useful add-ons available that you can install on your WordPress website; myCred Progress Map and myCred Progress Bar. These two add-ons are used to showcase the earnings and ranking of the candidate, which encourage them to reach the final stage of recruitment. Also, it boosts their motivation level by checking where they are standing in the competition.


Train Fresh Hires

It is one of the most important and influential steps to enhance your organization’s recruitment process under the umbrella of gamification. Once you onboard new staff, provide them with training that helps them to know your company profile and working strategy.

To build their izterest in workplace training, you can build a process whereby the one who completes the training will be awarded prizes. Also, you can offer digital rewards on each step for making the process exciting and lively.

All of this is possible if you install the myCred CashCred add-ons that enable the users to redeem their points into real money by using this addon. Also, myCred Level Cred for rewarding the users with digital prizes such as points, badges, and ranks.

Employee Retention

This is the most challenging part for any organization in how to retain their employees. However, the answer is quite simple. Appreciate them!

Appreciation is the best way to motivate employees to work hard and with loyalty. But, appreciation can be in the form of rewards as well. In this case, you can use myCred Birthdays for WordPress gamification, enabling the admin to reward users on their birthdays. Also, points can be deducted.


Organization Virtual Tour

On a day of orientation, showcase the virtual tour of your organization to new hires. It leaves a positive impression on the employees and motivates them to work hard in a beautiful and relaxing environment.

The virtual tours are far better than the physical tours to each department and area of your organization. The 3D visualization walks you through the entire place of your organization.


Wrapping Up!

Apart from the WordPress gamification, there are various ways to enhance your organization’s recruitment process using gamification. However, the digital era prefers online methods that can be done as easily as 1,2,3.

Start the gamification journey of your recruitment process and focus on your business by leaving all the hassles behind. This makes you stress-free and builds a rapport with your fresh hires to take your business to the next level. The world is getting smarter, then why aren’t you yet? Leave the manual procedures and shift to the WordPress gamification process to grow instantly.

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