How To Get Clients For Local SEO 2021

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Do you know how to get clients for local SEO in 2021? If you don’t, then this article is tailored for you. Search Engine Optimization lies at the heart of every digital business nowadays. It is one of the best digital marketing practices to drive both quantity and quality of website traffic.

However, the funda of local SEO is slightly different than that of regular SEO. How? Local SEO works just like an ordinary google search at a high level. However, ranking factors like NAP citations, location, social media shares, online reviews, and others make it different.

In today’s guide, you will get to know how to get more SEO clients for your business in 2021. So what is the best part about this post? The recommended strategies are super easy and achievable. So without any further ado, let’s get started.


What Is The Importance Of Local SEO?

In the most simple terms, local SEO makes your business rank higher than the competitors in the international market. But, do you know what the most preferred thing about Local SEO is? It invites more traffic even when YOU lack from a website. Sounds cool, right?

In addition, local SEO gives leads who are looking for services or products which your business provides. As a result, there is a high likelihood of conversion rate. I am sure your business is a local one, and that is why you are here. So do you know the top three key SEO ranking factors that local businesses shall take into account? These are relevance, prominence, and relevance.

Proximity depends on the distance of the Google user’s location from the physical location of your business during the time of the search. Simultaneously, prominence comes through social signals, online ratings/reviews, user engagement, inbound links, and domain authority. Furthermore, you can bring relevancy by local keyword optimization on blog posts, social media profiles, and websites.

How To Get Clients For Local  SEO In 2021?

Here comes the main segment of the post – how to get local clients for SEO in 2021? Let’s get started with this thrilling and actionable SEO ride.

1. Incorporate Reputational Signals To Your Site

Adding Reputational signals to your website is pretty easy. You can add engaging case studies from clients, addresses of your workplace, industry awards that you have received, and also SEO-rich content.

All these would enable your clients to find you easily. If you are hesitating to add reputation,l signals to your site, do not be as they would add real value.


2. Develop SEO Packages Monthly

SEO packages are neither rocket science nor any secret potion, but start creating monthly SEO packages to generate more and more leads. Basically, if you provide SEO packages at a lower price, clients will get attracted to them.

One pro tip to draw potential clients is to design your landing page with SEO packages’ prices and essential details.


3. Use LinkedIn To Send Outreach Messages

Social media has always been a primary choice in terms of clients for local SEO. But among all the social media sites, it is LinkedIn that gives you prosperous SEO clients. But the one and only challenge here is that LinkedIn can also lead you to spams, and you might end up losing much time.

If you are an SEO agency owner, try to apply innovative ways in order to stand out from your competitors. If you expect to come under the light without any effort, you are absolutely wrong. The best way to bring your business account to the clients’ attention is by highlighting quirky messages in the LinkedIn Bio section.

Also, make the tagline of your profile more insightful and relevant to your targeted clients. For this, it is advisable to do market research to know what exactly they are looking for.

Lastly, do not miss following up, but don’t overdo it, Keep it limited to one per client, If any of them does not respond, keep him aside and proceed towards the next more.

4. Run A Free SEO Site Audit

Having a website is good, but not having leads, clients, and traffic brings no benefits. There are many emerging websites unaware of optimizing their website or content to rank on the search engines. If you personally don’t know any such clients, start doing research.

You are really fortunate that approximately 95% of small business websites deal with tanking and SEO issues. To make your research easier, look for keywords to extract industry-specific sites that wish to spend more on SEO.

You reach out to the potential clients at first and talk to them to generate leads. Then conduct an SEO audit of each page and proceed to the site owners with accurate metrics or results. In this way, you can convert potential leads to prosperous clients, thereby delivering value from the initial day itself.


5. Do Partnership With Design Agencies

While getting clients for your local SEO, remember one critical success factor – collaborate with other agencies. It is an alternative if you find SEO auditing – step complicated. Talk to other agencies and pitch them your idea; also listen to them. In this way, not only will you be triggering the client-relationshIp, but also you will gain more clients through referrals.

Since yours is a local SEO business, most of the clients around would prefer to avail service from you. So, it’s a matter of how engaging your business is and what trail it is following.



That’s all we have on our list. I am sure by following this guide you would be able to increase clients for your local SEO from 2 to 12. All you need is to remember these 5 steps and apply them as diligently as possible. I bet your agency will reach a new level of success within a few months or even days.

We would like to hear from you now! Let us know your queries or feedback in the comment section below. Stay tuned with us!  

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