How to Optimize for Google Discover & Importance

Three smartphones display different screens. The first shows a food photography guide with two people in a kitchen. The second features eight tips for food photography with bowls of food. The third screen displays a Google search for hiking, showing search results including an article about hiking locations.

What is Google Discover?

Google Discover is a rebranded Google Feed that recommends content to users based on past Google searches. It means that the more you use the software, the better Google understands you to improve user experience (UX).

Discover also recommends a mix of content types including news and evergreen content. Discover has a new design, which makes it easier to explore your interests.

Google News vs. Google Discover: What Are the Differences?

Google News lets users discover the most popular stories and relevant materials about what’s happening around the world. This major news feature displays results for the searcher’s news topic, based on his query.

Google Discover provides information about interests to users, without the need for them to search. You can also customize the content you see using Discover

Google Discover is important for your SEO and content strategy.

Your content creation and publishing goal is to improve visibility and drive web traffic to your blog, website landing pages, or products and services page. Discover is the answer. Because Discover is an aspect of Google search, it allows you to keep up to date on topics that are important to you.

You can explore new data with it by providing different content types such as videos and blog posts. The rebranded Google Feed doesn’t limit its ability to present only new material. It will show you relevant posts regardless of their publication date.

How does it work?

Google Discover optimization doesn’t stop with the purchase of SEO articles. To target each Google user, you’ll need to have a basic understanding of how Discover works.

The product announcement reveals that there are two main mechanisms used to decide what content will be displayed in Google Discover.

The Knowledge Graph charts the evolution of a person’s search patterns
Google News AI offers an individual delivery of the most recent news via customized Google News AI
These engines adjust the articles that appear on the person’s news feed based on their current location (where possible), activity in Google App, Google Chrome browser history, and search history on Google. The majority of people end up with a mix of stories about their hobbies, interests, and fandoms. Google Discover also shows content from brands and restaurants, as well as other establishments that the person frequents.

You can also customize the content you receive on Discover by playing a part in it. The bottom of every story has a button that allows users to easily thumbs up or down on a topic. Google may ask users to provide feedback about desired and unfavorable content.

Optimizing for Google Discover

It is a significant shift in the way people use search engines. Users no longer need to rely solely on their search queries to find the most relevant topics.

It is a significant shift in SEO for brands.

Keyword optimization without search queries won’t suffice to rank your content on Discover. The good news is that many of the same SEO rules apply.

These are some to be aware of.

1. Website and content that is mobile-friendly

Google Discover is only available on mobile devices. This is a key point to remember. Google Discover is only available for smartphones and tablets. Theoretically, all traffic from Google Discover will be from mobile devices.

What if your site isn’t mobile-friendly?

Google wouldn’t rank content from websites that are not mobile-friendly, as you can see.

It allows you to rank images and videos.

Google announced that the Discover feed would feature more visual content and images. Google stated that content should contain high-quality images and relevant thumbnail images. If possible, they should also be translated into video.

2.Use high-quality visuals

Google Discover has been rebranded to emphasize the importance of visual content. This means that you need to create better visuals and optimize them accordingly in order to improve your chances of appearing on the platform.

Google stated that Discover content can rank in searches due to its quality and the connection between the consumer’s interests and the content. To improve your content ranking in Google Discover, here are two things you can do:

Continue to publish engaging content that engages readers.

To optimize your posts and amplify them, use quality visuals such as photos, videos, infographics, and graphics.


You might need to make more videos depending on your niche and the preferences of your audience.

It ranks both text-based and video content in the feed, as you can see from the example above.

Video tutorials for guitar would be more suitable than blog posts. The key is to understand your content and your audience.

4.Relevance of content and Discover algorithm

If your goal is to rank high in Discover, it is important to understand your audience and the type of content they would like.

It is a fundamental part of content relevance. This is how Google describes Discover’s algorithm and ranks content.

Google’s algorithm ranks content on Discover based on what it believes a user will find most interesting. The strength of the match between a page’s content with a user’s interest is what determines its ranking. There are no other methods to boost your pages’ ranking than posting content you believe users will find useful

5. Tell your Audience

Google users can follow entities to guide their Discover journeys, just like they would on social media. Add a call to action about Google Discover to your articles or purchase SEO articles and encourage your readers to choose your site as a trustworthy source of information.

You can try it for yourself to discover how simple it is to add interest to Google Discover. Google will search for your brand name on your phone or tablet. You will see a gray button called “Follow” with a plus sign under the website or company name. After you click this button, the feed will automatically display articles you have published. You can confirm that you have followed the instructions successfully by looking for the checkmark next to the plus sign.

Google recognizes your website as trustworthy and relevant information if it is followed by users on Discover. Your content will be more visible to users who are interested in it, the more people who visit your site


Optimizing for Discover is not rocket science. Instead, it is a process of tweaking your content to make it better than your competitors and adding the essential elements of evergreen content. The tips in this article are not difficult to execute, and they will help you get along the lines of appearing on google discover.

Therefore, the more different your content is from other competitors, the higher your chances of being found. Quality content and a better user experience should be your top priorities.

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