How to Pitch Efficiently Using PowerPoint?

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A pitch deck is a kind of presentation used by corporations, firms, and specialists to introduce their company to potential customers, investors, collaborators, and workers. It is one of the crucial and precious resources at a company’s disposal. Even experienced professionals often make careless errors that undermine a presentation’s impact and credibility when creating a PowerPoint pitch deck. And that’s when marketplaces like MasterBundles can come to the rescue. There, you can purchase incredible pitch deck templates and make your presentation stand out. Now, let’s see how you can pitch effectively while using PowerPoint as your tool.

Utilize The Slide Rule

Use just one image, diagram, statistic, or graph per slide whenever feasible in PowerPoint presentations. The audience will pay attention if you demonstrate it and then discuss such a thing. Putting a ton of material on a slide and then trying to explain it will likely result in the audience reading the content and tuning you out. Slides with text should be used sparingly. It is important to keep this in mind. There are a few things to keep in mind while making text-heavy ones:

  • Like most people, an uninterested audience will likely pull out their phones and instead start checking email, reading the media, or playing a game.
  • The lack of interest in the text encourages viewers to look for other entertainment, such as talking to each other.

Contract Out The Layout

Use a commercial pitch template to speed up the design process. This is the most important piece of advice you should take away from this article. There is no problem with outsourcing the design process. Even though you’re using a pre-made PowerPoint template for your pitch, it doesn’t mean you can’t add your own personal touches and make the presentation your own. Some of the best templates are available at, so what are you waiting for? Please take it to your advantage and pitch efficiently while using them.

Take Advantage Of Visual Aids To Drive Home Your Point

Surveys demonstrate that the most irritating thing presentations can do is to force their customers to read complex tables of figures or sift through slides full of information. Instead, rely on images. Divide the text into different forms to highlight related sections. This action might be better understood with PowerPoint templates on as there are numerous of them with emphasized structures. Also, don’t forget to use charts and graphs to communicate your data’s meaning effectively. To illustrate steps or timeframes, utilize diagrams. If you want to demonstrate a service or a place, use photos. Include the perspectives of others in your discussion by using media snippets from various sources. 

Communicate Effectively In Person Or Online

It’s not by chance that you give a great presentation. There must be forethought and organizing. Following the preceding advice, you will feel more at ease with the information you need to convey and the images you will utilize. Now is the moment to practice, to stand and give the speech out loud until you feel completely at ease doing so. The best way to prepare for a major presentation is to videotape yourself, giving a practice version of the lecture, and then critique the recording. 

Today, online demonstrations are commonplace, and when done properly, they can be just as successful as in-person ones.  

  • Learn how to use the equipment so you can get right into your presentation. 
  • Conceive a strategy for when you will utilize content-rich slides and when you will merely use your video to engage with the prospect. 
  • To further enhance your command and flexibility while presenting slides, switch to Presenter View in PowerPoint.

Following these five guidelines will make creating and delivering your next PowerPoint sales pitch simpler and more successful by ensuring your prospect understands and acts upon it. Before you ever open your mouth to speak, the outcome of your presentation has already been decided. Put in the time to plan to utilize these strategies, and you may anticipate giving many excellent PowerPoint sales presentations.

5 Excellent PowerPoint Templates To Use

Now that you know how to make a pitch deck successfully, it’s time to see the top 5 templates you can utilize. So, let’s jump into it.

1. Funding Pitch Deck Presentation Template

The first one you should give a try is the Funding pitch deck template. It’s very easy to comprehend and won’t take much time to finish. What are its features?

  • PPTX.
  • KEY.
  • Google slide.
  • 50 slides.
  • 4-color pattern.
  • Resolution of 300 dpi.
  • Fully editable.
Funding Pitch Deck Presentation Template

2. Mobile App Pitch Deck Template

There’s no need to emphasize the importance of mobile devices today. Hence, use the templates regarding them and enjoy the same characteristics as the previous one in addition of:

  • Full editing availability.
  • Compatible with any mobile brand.
Mobile App Pitch Deck Template

3. Branding Pitch Deck

Even though these templates offer the same features as the previous ones, they provide you with the newest designs on the market. Keeping track of technological improvements is essential today, so taking this template wouldn’t be a bad option.

Branding Pitch Deck

4. Darko Pitch Deck Creative Presentation Template

This template is packed with cutting-edge and practical features that can be used to construct any kind of presentation, including portfolios, typographic displays, service offerings, icons, data graphs, visualizations, mockups, and globe maps. Having a great and well-organized pitch deck template at your disposal will make the pitching process a breeze. Its key features are:

  • Full-screen and mobile-friendly (16:9 wide).
  • Optional master slide.
  • Simply drop pictures here.
  • Forty-plus minimal font icon symbol library, completely ready to use.
  • Shape icon set expanded by more than 1,300.
  • Essential roles in every aspect.
Darko Pitch Deck Creative Presentation Template

5. SOLO Startup Pitch Deck Template

You may make any sort of presentation with this template since it’s packed with cutting-edge and practical components, including a portfolio, typographical features, companies, icons, data charts, infographics, prototypes, and globe maps. It includes:

  • A few key functions of the sample startup pitch deck.
  • Full-screen and mobile-friendly (16:9 wide).
  • Optional Master Slide.
  • Simply drop pictures here.
  • Over fifty completely original slides are ready to go right now.
SOLO Startup Pitch Deck Template

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