How to Use Automation and Technology to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Grow Your Real Estate Business

It takes a long time to market Grow Your Real Estate Business, especially if you do repetitive marketing chores manually. Thanks to technology that has made everything so much easier and quicker.

You no longer have to repeat fundamental marketing activities regularly; instead, you can save time by automating your real estate marketing. It will allow you to concentrate on some of your most important real estate goals and make better use of your time.

You might have observed that one of the most effective methods to enhance your marketing of bungalows for sale is to automate. But what is automation, why should you utilize it, and how can you automate your real estate work?

You’ve landed in the right place if you’re wondering about these things!

What is Real Estate Marketing Automation?

Real estate marketing automation uses technology to increase sales, minimize efforts, and save time for marketers. It doesn’t imply terminating all of your staff and handing over their jobs to robots; instead, it means making their jobs more straightforward and more efficient.

You can automate as much or as little as you wish. The automation simplifies what you’re already doing.

You can set up some automation right away with the tools you currently have access to if you’re using a CRM or email application.

The Most Significant Advantages of Using Real Estate Marketing Automation

Real estate marketing can help you with the following:

  • Identification of the lead
  • Collection of lead
  • Strategies for email marketing
  • Engagement of the lead
  • Creating and running advertisements
  • The behavior of the website and its activity
  • Analysis of sales and marketing
  • Forecasting sales and cash flow

Strategies for Real Estate Automation

1. Obtaining Leads through Website Forms

You may develop an automatic marketing engine that gathers new leads while you sleep by linking landing pages and website forms to your CRM. It doesn’t have to be complicated; a callback request form or a basic contact form would suffice.

2. Open House Lead Generation

Try using “Spacio” to automate your lead collecting during your subsequent open house viewing. Capture all attendees’ emails, send automatic follow-up emails, and continue nurturing those new leads.

3.  Integrate Leads from a Variety of Sources

You most likely obtain leads from a variety of places. It might be challenging to monitor all of those, but it doesn’t have to be. There are various features of real estate marketing automation software that allow you to keep track of your leads in one place.

“Follow Up Boss” is one of the most effective real estate marketing software programs available, and it also offers some helpful automation capabilities. Over 20,000 agents trust the lead management system, which they automatically distribute and follow up with leads from over 200 different sources.

4. Sync Leads to Your Phone

Connecting your “Follow Up Boss” account to Google Contacts or iCloud is another beneficial but straightforward setup automation. It means that your Follow Up Boss leads will be synchronized with your phone’s contact database so that when a lead phones, their name will appear in the caller ID, and you’ll always know with whom you’re speaking.

5. Automate the Lead Routing Process

If you’re still manually routing leads to the top agents, real estate marketing software that automates lead routing and rotation can save you time. Build up a ‘first-to-claim’ process or round-robin to route leads geographically by zip code, transfer higher-priced leads to senior agents, or set up a ‘first-to-claim’ process or round-robin.

6. Workflows for Lead Nurturing

It’s not enough to collect and store leads in your CRM; you also need to nurture them. Lead nurturing delivers relevant and timely emails to qualified leads to help them progress through your sales funnel.

Automated processes or drip mailings, which are simple to establish using real estate systems like “Brivity” or email programs like “Mailchimp,” are the best method to achieve this. You can sit back and enjoy once you’ve finished setting everything up, knowing that your emails are going to the proper individuals without you having to do anything.

7. Email Workflows Based on Activities

You’ll need to contact clients at critical points along the buyer’s journey. When leads request a viewing, sign a contract, or download content from your website, use email workflows to send automated responses. One of the most reliable tactics to obtain results from automation is through real estate follow-up emails.

8. Monitoring of Leads

Make a list of hot leads that are the perfect fit for your firm with real estate automation software. If you’re using “Follow Up Boss,” the Smart Lists function assists you in filtering your sales by a collection of all leads seeking more than $1 million.

9. Posts On the Company Blog

A corporate blog is beneficial to many businesses. It is a simple approach to keep clients informed about real estate news while expanding your company’s reach. With systems like WordPress, you can create a website, schedule content, and boost SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to target local clients.

While there is no method to generate blog articles automatically, you can compose a cache and schedule them to publish throughout the month.

10. Chat on Your Website

You may have noticed a box in the corner of a website providing 24/7 chat service. This tool is completely automated and allows you to reach out to your audience quickly and efficiently address questions.

“Zendesk” and “Chatbot” are two examples of automated chat rooms that help your website look more appealing. You can get clients to communicate utilizing a chatbot and then directly follow up with qualified leads.

11. Marketing Using Social Media

Undoubtedly, social media is becoming increasingly popular, and real estate brokers use it to enhance their brands. Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin are among the most popular of them.

Create an account and upload visual-heavy material for your condos for sale in Mississauga for the most remarkable results. You can automate your planned messages using services like Later (for Instagram) and Hubspot, which means you can post messages once a week (or month) and have the service deliver them whenever you choose.

12. Keeping Track of Opportunities

Your most valuable leads are opportunities who are aware that your firm exists and who you know is in the market.

Keep a tight check on these leads by using automation. Deal stages are also used in many CRMs to monitor an opportunity’s progress through the usual phases of your pipeline, such as from request for a callback through contract delivered to closed-won.

13.  Assessing Lead Activity

It would be best if you weren’t wasting your time each day sifting through your leads, trying to figure out who is worth calling. Track your leads’ behavior on your website with automatic activity monitoring, and utilize pre-set triggers to tell you when action is required.

14. Managing Tasks and Transactions

Do you find it hard to monitor all of your tasks and to-do lists?

You can construct automated task lists to help you handle every element involved with a listing, sale, open house, and more with a real estate-specific CRM.

15. Marketing Automation for Real Estate Reporting

One of the essential components of marketing automation is reporting. Companies that specialize in real estate determine:

  • Demand for real estate and more income
  • Agent productivity and performance
  • Analyzing customer feedback
  • Sales forecasting and efficiency reports, among other things

In addition, knowing how to interpret company data aids in making smart time-saving decisions. Companies and agents can listen to and evaluate in real-time lead feedback through various social media channels such as Facebook using the analysis marketing program.

Some feedback marketing activities use artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies. Collecting feedback might also help your team enhance its performance.

You can immediately analyze crucial information and identify who benefits from coaching or upgrades with a CRM that provides automatic marketing reports and dashboards.

16. Software for Ad Management

More than 78% use Facebook to discover things, and 17% of Facebook users follow brands and companies. As a result, Facebook advertising is more than simply a valuable tool because it retains precise information on its users.

Today’s marketing solutions for ad management include:

  • Targeting lists that synchronize leads and audiences for better targeting.
  • Managing ad-media email campaigns on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Analyze the return on investment and the number of leads generated by the various social media sites that display a company’s adverts.
  • Analyze lead activity by identifying which contacts engaged to and interacted with the advertisement.


17. Marketing Automation for Lead Satisfaction and Experience

The lead satisfaction and customer experience marketing program is an online system that encourages marketing team collaboration.

Tagging, adding private notes, assigning lead tasks to specific team members, and creating automated answers are all options available to real estate organizations and brokers. The working procedure encrypts data using a specialized SSL protocol to offer the maximum level of security.

Customer experience marketing strategies have built-in desk analytics reporting tools and lead management capabilities.

Bottom Line

Now that you’ve got the tools to automate your real estate marketing, the systems you pick will take care of most of the job. We’re sure you’re already utilizing a number of them. Because automation is meant to save you time, please don’t allow it to add to your workload.

Instead, when you’re on the move, utilize a two-way data sync to keep your connections updated in all of the important places, particularly your phone. It will save you the time and effort of seeking down crucial information, allowing you to focus on delighting consumers and expanding your business.

If you have any questions, please comment below now.

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