How to Write Trendy Captions for Social Media Videos

Gaining Experience through Family and Friends

TikTok has 50 million daily users, and online creators know how to use that massive audience to their benefit. If you aren’t using video content to promote your business, you’re missing out on a huge audience.

But your marketing plan can’t start and end with making the video. You need to know not only how to post an Instagram video or make a TikTok but how to write captions too. Here’s how to make your Instagram video captions stand out and get your quality engagement.


Include a Call to Action or Ask a Question

Social media algorithms notice when people start commenting on and engaging with your post. The more engagement it has, the more it will promote the post to users who aren’t following your brand.

One of the best ways to increase engagement is by following proper video SEO rules and including CTAs and questions in your social media captions. Aim for questions that can’t possibly be ignored. Encourage your followers to give their feedback, thoughts, and own stories. And then… respond to them! Keep the conversation going.

Caption writing tips can only take you so far. Then you need to engage with your customers with the conversation starter you gave them.


Be Personable

People want to engage with other people. No one likes an internet bot. So, make it impossible for people to mistake you for one.

Influencers know that they need to sound like a person in all their text, and furthermore, they need to sound like themselves. Write in your own unique and real voice. Don’t overload with numbers or pleads for attention. Write about your products as if you’re telling your very best friend about them.

Tell a Story

Let people in on the person beyond the screen. If you have a story from your personal life that applies to your product or promotional video… share it!

People love to read engaging stories, and if you give them something to grab onto and engage within the caption, they’re more likely to remember your video and your brand!


There are lots of trends when it comes to TikToks and making YouTube videos online. You have to stay on top of the coolest audios, the jokes, and the transitions that everyone is using. Not only will it appeal more to your audience, but the apps will also promote your content because it looks like the other content that people are watching.

But the trends don’t end with the videos themselves. Notice and use the trends in your video captions too. Make a funny reference to another kind of video in your caption. Use phrasing from popular memes. Use a buzzword that people in your business have attached themselves to. The more in touch your brand looks, the more likely people will want to purchase from you.


Online Creators Making the Most of Videos

By staying true to your authentic self, noticing trends, and using proper engagement techniques, you can join the mass of online creators who use social media videos to promote their business. Avoid sounding like a robot, engage in a bit of humor, and ask your followers questions they can’t ignore!

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