Interested in Being Part of an Amazing Engineering Team? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Amazing Engineering Team
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Technology is finding its way into every industry, especially as new use cases emerge for AI, IoT, and machine learning. Businesses will need engineers to design, develop, test, and implement strategies to boost innovation and keep the industry moving forward.

If you want to land a job with an amazing engineering team, here’s what to look for according to Subbu Seetharaman, Director of Engineering at Lantronix.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) devices are becoming more sophisticated and industries are noticing. Quickly growing to become one of the biggest tech trends, IoT devices offer virtually limitless opportunities to collect and analyze business data to deliver better services to customers.

IoT is becoming so popular that adoption is expected to reach 50 million globally by 2030 and 1.1 trillion USD in spending in 2022. IoT engineers can enjoy challenging and trendsetting work at top companies like Lantronix.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Similar to IoT, AI and machine learning are becoming more commonplace in industrial applications and enhancing the capabilities of existing technologies. Utilizing capabilities like virtual try-ons, biometrics, and image and speech recognition, AI and machine learning present exceptional earning opportunities for engineers.

According to a study from Markets and Markets, AI is expected to grow to $190 billion by 2025. Similarly, machine learning is also likely to encompass 9% of new jobs in the US by 2025.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

VR and AR are important for gaming and entertainment, but more and more industries are seeing possible use cases for these technologies. The healthcare, military, and retail industries are using AR and VR for employee training, simulations, virtual shopping experiences, and more, offering excellent opportunities for engineers.

The market is expected to expand to $209 billion in 2022, and with this expansion, the demand for engineers with a background in AR and VR will be expected at top companies like Lantronix.


Cybersecurity isn’t a new technology, but it’s more important than ever. Preventing cyber crime is at the forefront of many business strategies, and the demand for specialized engineers with cybersecurity capabilities is only growing.

According to research from Gartner, 60% of organizations will focus on cybersecurity risk in choosing business transactions and engagements by 2025. These companies will need talented engineers to ensure their security is shored up.

How to Choose the Right Company Fit


There’s more to a job than compensation, but salary is still important. Before you accept a job offer, compare the salary with industry standards and your education or experience level. If it’s not ideal, consider negotiating for a better rate or more benefits.


A compensation package includes not only your salary or base rate, but the benefits. Some companies offer competitive and attractive benefits packages with stock options, incentives, paid time off, and more. Top companies like Lantronix also offer perks like wealth accumulation benefits and a Patent Award Program.

Schedule and Flexibility

Hours and scheduling flexibility have a big impact on work-life balance and stress levels. You may be happy with longer hours and overtime pay or the option to work more flexible hours to handle your personal responsibilities on your off time. Salaried employees may have shorter hours or longer hours as needed, so be sure to keep this in mind when evaluating options.

Remote or On-Site Work

Some people thrive in an on-site workplace while others prefer to work from home. Whichever you choose, remember to consider what’s best for your work style and responsibilities. Remote work can be beneficial for productivity, commuting, and job satisfaction, though there are benefits to working in an office and gaining collaboration and mentorship.


Engineers often thrive in fast-paced environments like startups, but that may not be ideal for your future career. Stable companies provide opportunities to invest in your future, such as mentorship and ongoing learning and development. If this is of interest, choose stable companies with strong reputations, finances, and performance. A company like this can help you reach your career goals and enjoy stability as you gain experience.

Development and Advancement Opportunities

Any job position you accept will shape your future career. If you have offers from multiple companies, consider what opportunities you may have for development and advancement. An established company may offer more opportunities for continuing education, skills development, and internal promotions.

For example, Lantronix offers Indian engineering teams an opportunity to become an equal partner in product development and definition with engineers in other parts of the world. Engineers can gain valuable job experience and future learning opportunities, which may not be available at every company.

Job Responsibilities

Employee satisfaction is shaped by a number of things, including having healthy challenges and feeling empowered by an employer. Engineers are often focused on learning and career growth, so it’s important to consider if your job offers growth potential and a chance to work on interesting projects that deepen your skill set.

Job Expectations

Not all companies expect the same of similar job positions. For example, some companies adhere to strict schedules to maintain work-life balance, while others may expect you to work on weekends, holidays, and evenings. If you are “on-call,” it can be stressful and difficult to plan and manage your home life. Make sure you’re aware of the job expectations when you evaluate a job offer.

Company Culture

Company cultural fit is important for both the employee and employer. There’s no such thing as an “ideal” culture, so it comes down to candidates fitting in with the current company’s culture and ensuring that it aligns with preferences and values.

If you’re not sure what a company’s culture is really like, check out employer reviews. Companies like Indeed and Glassdoor include employee reviews, giving you a glimpse into the company culture from real employees to determine if you’d be the right fit.  

Find an Amazing Engineering Opportunity

The widespread adoption of technology in different industries is driving the demand for specialized engineers with skills in AI, IoT, cybersecurity, and more. Before you accept a position, consider the industries that you want to work in and whether the company serves your needs, both now and in the future.

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