Payment Gateway Integration In Java

A computer screen displays the text "Payment Gateway" with a globe graphic in the background. Four icons surround the screen: a shopping cart, currency notes, a credit card, and a globe. A computer mouse is connected to the screen, indicating online transactions.

Payment Gateway Integration In Java

The card issuing bank sends back the response to the Payment Gateway which includes the payment details that has been approved or declined. Vendors acquiring bank then forwards the information to the customer’s credit card issuing bank. Thus customer’s knows if their order has been place successfully or not. This multi-layered approach to security has also contributed to customer confidence in using credit cards online. Thus making online shopping convenient and safe in your web site. System monitor The basics Get help with our terminology and error codes Error codes Support forum Speak with our online community of developers Sage Pay forum 24/7 support Here’s how you can get in touch with us. We are familiar with most popular payment gateways like PayPal, etc.


Payment Gateway Integration E-businesses

Payment Gateway Integration E-businesses is made easier as this service enables the authorization, processing & managing of online transactions. Now the information is forwarded from the Payment Gateway to the vendor. The response is encrypted in the vendor’s server and is sent back to the customer.  Shortly after, the vendor will receive an email confirming that the account has been switched.  If the merchant account(s) on the account were already verified by Sage Pay, the vendor will be able to process LIVE transactions immediately. Thus customer’s knows if their order has been place successfully or not. If the payment has been declined it would also include the reason. System monitor Check the status of our system online. Spectrum’s Payment Gateway Integration is simple and affordable. The customized Payment Gateway Integration would require you to perform very little coding. We can do the payment gateway integration with your shopping cart so that you can easily process credit cards on your website. Clients or vendors or the debtors can make credit card payment. Vendors acquiring bank then forwards the information to the customer’s credit card issuing bank. Step 1 – Integrate Sage Pay with your eCommerce site Protocol documents Please begin by following the instructions outlined in the protocol documents below.Form integration protocol and guidelines   Integration kits These are web application examples that demonstrate the usage of the protocol documents listed   .net   .php   Customize your checkout pages (optional) These templates are useful if you wish to customize the look and feel of your checkout pages​.  We’re here to help 24/7. The transactions are forwarded to the concerned Payment Gateway. All you need to do is let us know which payment gateway service you are using and we will do the rest of the work. Over and above the customized module which works with ANY Payment Gateway, we also offer a specialized integration module for PayPal users, which does not require any coding.

REST in Java for Payment Gateway Integration

In case you are in need of code snippet that needs to access REST APIs securely (e.g. payment gateway integration), here is a sample client code in Java using Apache HttpComponents.

		// set the connection pool manager
		PoolingHttpClientConnectionManager cm = new PoolingHttpClientConnectionManager();
		CloseableHttpClient httpClient = 
	    HttpPost httpPost = new HttpPost("");
	    httpPost.setHeader("Accept", "*/*");
	    httpPost.setHeader("Content-type", "application/json");
	    String authToken = Base64Utils.encodeToString("username:password".getBytes());
	    httpPost.setHeader("Authorization", "Basic "+authToken);

	    StringEntity entity = new StringEntity("{n  "paymentTokenId": ""+paymentTokenId+"",n  "totalAmount": {n    "amount": 100,n    "currency": "PHP"n  },n  }n  }n}");
		HttpResponse response = httpClient.execute(httpPost);;;	 

You will notice that header for Authorization is set and credentials are encoded in Base64. This is a standard http authentication mechanism.

As a troubleshooting tip, you may want to use existing REST client to test the service. Tools like Postman or browser plugins like RESTClient are useful to test if the service is properly responding to requests.

Warning: Apache HttpComponents is currently under heavy development with lots of code changes and refactoring, and we observed that some newer versions are not working properly. So, you will have to explore different versions and different method calls to see which one actually works. Also, documentation and forum discussions are fragmented because many methods are deprecated in minor version upgrades. 

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