Beginning Ajax With ASP.NET

  • Publisher : Wiley India Private Limited (16 October 2006)
  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 424 pages
  • Category: .NET, Ajax
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Book Description:

This book teaches developers how to execute AJAX programming and operations using the ASP.NET system on the backend server and a modern web browser on the front end. While the bits that make up AJAX aren’t brand new, using them collectively as a whole is a brand new experience for developers. This publication will be aimed at programmers who want to begin with AJAX-oriented web development using current technologies, and particularly, the Microsoft implementation, code-named Atlas. · Intro to Ajax on ASP.NET · Intro to DHTML · JavaScript and the Document Object Model · The XMLHttpRequest Object · Data Communication: XML, XSLT, and JSON · What’s Built into ASP.NET · Ajax.NET Professional Library · Anatomy of Ajax.NET Pro Library · Additional Ajax Frameworks for. NET · Atlas Client Script · Atlas Controls · Atlas Integration with ASP.NET Services · Debugging


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