Mastering Blockchain E Book

Book Name: Mastering Blockchain
Author: Daniel Cawrey, Lorne Lantz
ISBN-10: 1492054704
Year: 2020
Pages: 284
Language: English
File size: 12.7 MB
File format: ePub

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Book Description:

The future will be increasingly distributed. Since the promotion surrounding Bitcoin and blockchain has shown, distributed technology and business models are gaining popularity. Nevertheless, the disruptive potential of the technology can be obscured by misconception and hype. This thorough manual distils the complex, fast-moving ideas behind blockchain into a readily digestible reference manual, revealing what’s really going on under the hood.

Finance and technology experts will find out how a blockchain functions as they explore the evolution and present states of the technology, such as the purposes of cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. This book is for anyone assessing whether to invest some time in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Proceed beyond buzzwords and see what the technology really has to offer.

  • Discover why Bitcoin was basically important in blockchain’s arrival
  • Explore altcoin and alternative blockchain projects to comprehend what is possible
  • Understand the challenges of scaling and forking a blockchain
  • Discover what Ethereum and other blockchains Provide
  • Examine emerging business uses for blockchain beyond cryptocurrency
  • Discover where the future lies within these exciting new technologies



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