Project Management 101

Project Management 101

For beginners, it is difficult to envision how a major project starts from inception to delivery. Perhaps you are outside admiring a large government project such as a dam, or simply staring at your phone wondering what management processes occurred before the phone could end up in your hands. Projects range from simple to very complex ones and as a beginner; you may find it difficult to reconcile your day to day simple projects with larger industrial ones. All these projects have one thing in common, in that there is someone or a group of people managing the project and delegating tasks to other people to do. In this article, you will be introduced to project management, by examining its importance and how to start professionalizing your approach.


How to Set Up Project Management Hub

The term ‘hub’ might sound technical, but basically it means a centralized place where you can organize your project. This could be in the form of a paper and pen where you may need to write down and plan all aspects of the project or it could be in the form of a project management software which may come in handy to digitize your project’s journey. Whichever project management tool you decide to eventually settle on, the process remains the same. All projects start with envisioning them, by examining the problem and the possible solution. Every project starts as a problem statement, and by brainstorming, you arrive at a well-thought out solution. Figure out the right path for you by examining different methodologies and models and then settle on one that seems right for you.


Why Do You Need a Guide?

When engaging in anything new, you   need guidance to navigate through the different things you don’t know. A guide helps by first identifying what is known and relatable. In project management, the known aspects are the things in your organization or project that you have a firm grasp on. For example, if you are planning to build a house, you know how much you can afford, and you also know where you want that house to be. The rest of the things may require external assistance but first you need to start from a position of something you know.


How Project Management Software May Work For You?

Project management may come with a lot of hustle and you might want to make things in a more professional manner even if the project is not that grand. Project management software is your best bet, because it combines simplicity with professionalism. Whether you want to engage in a small project or a larger one that might require a lot more personnel or resources, project management software is the right bet for you. Most software are versatile and a will allow you to tweak them to fit your project. Overall, you will need something that bends to your will and not something that will force you to bend to its complexities. So whether you want to pick a management tool that will augment your skills, or a software that will combine all critical components of project management; the solution rests entirely on you.

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