Resume Service Review: Why Everyone Should Use It

Resume writing services

Before trying any new service or buying a new product, we usually browse reviews first. It is convenient to check reviews on restaurants, gyms, and places of interest on Google Maps. You become more confident in your choice when you see 4-5 stars on Google Maps. The same is true with online services; many like checking the reviews before ordering and making a subscription online.

Resume writing services have been on the market for more than ten years. Since the foundation of the first resume-writing companies, a lot has changed in the market. Some firms became business giants and gained a good reputation among job seekers. New companies are trying to win the race to be recognized by the audience. 

No matter how much time a company spends on promotion and other marketing activities, the most important thing is the quality of service. Because sometimes, the stellar design of the webpage hides unprofessional writing service. The exploration of resume service reviews protects customers from unpleasant risks. Let’s look at them closely.

Find the Best Service According to Your Profession

Resumes for different jobs vary in their format and content. For example, a person who pursues a career in Information Technologies should highlight specific experience, educational background, and skills to be noticed by recruiters. The same thing is with other industries – Medicine, Marketing, Teaching, etc. In addition, the resume and the cover letter must contain keywords relevant to the job description; otherwise, you will never get an invitation for the job interview.

While browsing, pay attention to what people say about particular resumes. These questions may help you out:

  • For example, do they make quality Law & Legal resumes? 
  • Are there professional resume writers who can create Nursing resumes? 
  • Were there any complaints about the quality of the Marketing Manager’s resume? 
  • How long does it take to make a UX Researcher Resume? 

Paying attention to the type of resume in reviews is crucial because you can’t win a job search competition with a generic resume. You need to be sure that all your requirements will be satisfied 100%. 

Compare Price and Quality

Paying $100 for the resume and landing no job interview doesn’t sound promising. Unfortunately, many companies make unreasonable prices on their products because they know how to manipulate people and make them spend more money. This is something most job-seekers should avoid. 

Pricing policy is different in most writing companies. There is one big mistake that people new to resume writing services make all the time – order a resume from the first company they come across. It’s not a good idea to do it without an analysis of how website prices correspond to the writing quality. This is an important point one must consider while checking resume service reviews.

Resumes for People With a Specific Status

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There are different reasons why recruiters reject the job applications of some candidates. At the most significant risk of rejection are people without job experience, older professionals, and overqualified people. However, all of them can get hired if they submit a resume that meets the job description requirements. 

For example, the first job resume should be focused on educational experience and showcase the key skills of the applicant. The overqualified specialist should show his motivation to work at a job with less power and responsibilities than in his previous workplace. Older professionals must show that they are aware of up-to-date trends and innovations in their industry. They also have to prove that their productivity will be on the same level as their younger colleagues.  

Resume service reviews can show new clients if the writing company deals with candidates whose profile has lower chances of winning in job competition. For example, reviews from people with zero work experience, overqualified & older candidates are very helpful when deciding which writing service to choose. 

Check the Background of the Resume Writers

All the writing companies claim that they got the most professional writers on board. But experience shows that sometimes it can be far from the truth. While browsing the reviews, it is essential to pay attention if customers are expressing their gratitude to the particular writer. 

For example, “I am delighted with Marketing Manager Resume, writer Stefani was very communicative and helpful. She considered all the comments I made after receiving the first draft. I am sure that the writer has a background in marketing because she highlighted my experience in a very professional way. As a result, I’ve already got one job interview invitation shortly after I sent the resume to the company”.

Usually, clients can see the writer’s nickname and communicate with him directly until the final version of the order is submitted and approved. So, if you don’t see writers’ names in the resume service review section, it can be a red flag. 

Make Sure Your Order Will Be Delivered on Time

Speed matters a lot during the job competition. The one who sent a resume and cover letter first gets a phone call from the recruiter earlier. The homepage of any resume writing website will try to persuade you that all your orders will be delivered on time. They also offer an option of making urgent orders for an extra price. 

But do they manage to complete all of the orders on time? Customers usually leave feedback on the ability of a service to make speedy delivery. Therefore, it’s essential to be sure that the service will satisfy you with an urgent task. 

Special Offers for Clients

From testimonials of previous clients, one can find that the writing service offers some discounts for its clients. For example, a new customer can get a small welcome discount, while regular clients may earn a more generous offer. 


Everyone should use resume service reviews if they don’t want to fail in the job competition. If you found a resume writing service but have doubts about it, testimonials from previous customers will help you decide.

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