Smart Off-Page SEO Technique :You Should Know

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What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO is all activity done away from your website. This determines where you rank in search engine result pages (SERPs). Optimizing for off-site SEO ranking elements is critical for increasing the relevancy, trustworthiness, and authority of your site. This is also reflected in Google’s algorithm, where off-page SEO contributes to more than 50% of the ranking factors. A strong Off-Page SEO Technique could make the difference between your ranking in the SERPs and where your competitors are.

How to improve your Domain Authority (DA).

Your Domain Authority score (DA) will be directly affected by how well you perform off-page SEO. The DA score of your site is a ranking score that determines how well it can rank in the SERPs. The score ranges from 1-100 and is determined by many factors, including the number of links to your site’s root domains and the total links. Google does not use the DA score of your site to determine your rank, but it is an indicator of how well your site performs from an off-site SEO perspective.

Why do you need off-page SEO?

The SEO community believes that off-page SEO is still important in a web page’s ability to rank, despite Google constantly changing its algorithm.

Although it is still unclear what factors Google considers to rank sites, a study by Moz has found that off-page SEO carries about 50% of the ranking factor weight.

Google takes into account many factors when ranking web pages. It’s not easy to rank a page solely on the merits of great content.

Good content is subjective. Taking a position based on assumptions could hinder Google’s trustworthiness.

Larry and Sergey, the founders of Google, introduced the Page-rank metric to help Google evaluate inbound links before ranking pages.

These are five Off-Page SEO Techniques you can use to make sure your website ranks higher in the SERPs.

Quality links: Build and chase them. This is the most important Off-Page SEO Technique should remember about linking. course terms glossaryWebmasters have the option to use “NoFollow” to tell search engines to ignore links from websites. NoFollow links are often used by social networks to link to external websites. DoFollow links are those that do not have the NoFollow attribute. You might be wondering what it actually means. what impact do NoFollow links have on your website?

2. Contribute as Guest Author

There are a number of good and quality blogs that are open for a guest post from various authors. Write an amazing research piece and reach them with the content for guest posts. Don’t focus on the number of links but rather focus only on quality links. Also, don’t keep posting multiple times on the same guest blog site

3.Social Bookmarking Sites

One of the best Off-Page SEO Technique to promote your website is through social bookmarking sites. You can increase traffic to your blog or webpage by bookmarking your blog posts on popular social bookmarking sites.

4.Forum Submission

Join search forums that are relevant to your business and website, and establish a connection with them. You can reply to the threads, answer questions, and offer your advice and suggestions. Use the “Do-Follow” forums.

5.Article Submission

Submit your articles to a high PR article submission database. Links to your website can be provided. Your content should be unique and high-quality. You might be rejected for low-quality content or content with too many keywords. Make sure you choose the right category for your content and give it a title that is memorable.


Off-page SEO has its own importance, but don’t forget about the on-page SEO activities. No matter how strong your off-page is, without proper on-page SEO you may not get a higher ranking in SERPs. You need to have a fast-loading website, and SEO-optimized hosting can help you to achieve that.

And, the list does not end here! There are many more areas to explore by yourself. Keep one thing in mind: the more high authority websites you have referring to you and talking about you, the more chance you have to rank higher.

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