Some Benefits and Dark Sides of Internet

A person wearing headphones is sitting at a desk in a dimly lit room, working on a computer screen displaying multiple lines of code and data. A second monitor on the desk remains dark. The background shows projections of more code and data on the wall.

The widespread availability of the internet was a technological breakthrough. It brought the world comfort and convenience that weren’t available a century ago. The internet disrupted traditional business communication. It enabled individuals to access resources from the comfort of their homes.  

There’s no denying that the internet is the face of this digital age. It is continuing to provide great benefits to billions across the world. From traveling to shopping to learning, everything has become extremely communicative for us. 

Benefits of the internet 

Here are some pros of the internet:

Improved Communication and Connectivity 

The age of letters and traditional telephones is long gone. This is the era of smartphones. The internet has taken communication and connectivity to a whole new level. People no longer have to wait to contact their loved ones. Internet of Things (IoT) devices allows you to connect with your family and friends at any time and from anywhere.  

Video-calling tools Skype and Zoom allow employers to have virtual meetings with their employees. This in turn allows companies to save costs that come in the form of office rents and maintenance. All you need is a smart device and reliable internet (like the one powered by Spectrum deals and you can connect with your colleagues from the comfort of your home.  

Easy Access to Learning 

The internet has made learning fun and interactive. Students longer have to put tedious hours into going through piles of books in libraries. Why? Because the internet is the biggest library in the world. If you want an answer to a query, simply type in the question on the internet and you’ll get the answer. Perhaps the best thing about online learning is that the internet provides easy access to information.  

Search engines such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari allow users to get answers to their queries in a matter of seconds. Moreover, video-sharing platforms like YouTube provide viewers informative and entertaining content. You can even learn a new language with the help of the internet. Who would have thought that learning would become so easy!  

Making Money  

Not only is the internet go-to for learning, but it is also one of the best platforms to make money today. Millions are making money online, thanks to the availability of thousands of platforms on the internet. The best part, the internet is an authentic platform through which you can make real money. From content writing to vlogging to freelancing, the internet is filled with dozens of earning opportunities.  

Disadvantages of the Internet 

Despite its many advantages, the internet has yet to become a safe platform for everyone. Stick around to see the dark side of the internet.  

Cybersecurity Threats 

Computer criminals lurk in every nook and corner of cyberspace. They are continuously on the hunt for new targets. The target could be an individual, a small business, or a large enterprise. Hackers pose a great threat to individuals and businesses alike. They cost millions of dollars to companies. The increasing connectivity has allowed computer criminals to access valuable information.  

Organizations have begun to realize the importance of cybersecurity. Many companies are already investing in information security practices to prevent hackers from stealing valuable data. Remember, hackers don’t discriminate between individuals and businesses. Hacking into the system of a single smartphone is, in fact, easier than infiltrating a multi-million-dollar security system.  


The growth of IoT devices has led to an increase in cyberbullying instances. Millions use smartphones. Almost half of the world’s population has access to social media. This ever-growing digital space acts as a safe haven for bullies and trolls. There are multiple forms of cyberbullying such as trolling and issuing threats. It is advisable to report cyberbullying instances to the authorities if you come across them.  


Scammers can be convincing. Most would pretend to speak to you on behalf of a government agency or a utility service provider. Their purpose is to steal identity or money from their targets. Moreover, they tend to pressurize their targets into giving valuable information. Some might tell you that you owe them money and they would take drastic measures if you don’t return it.  

You can deal with a scammer in a number of ways. It is advisable to stay calm and not act under pressure when you come across a scammer online. Another way to prevent being scammed is to block unwanted calls and text messages. Scammers drag conversations because it is easier for them to pressurize targets during longer conversations.  


Though the benefits of the internet far outweigh the negatives, the cons cannot be overlooked. While there is improvement in communication, there are also increased instances of online scamming. Stakeholders need to make efforts to turn it into a safe space for all.

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