Storytelling Magic: Leveraging Facebook Stories for Shares

Storytelling Magic: Leveraging Facebook Stories for Shares

Facebook Stories aren’t just for transferring funny videos or birthday milestones with your buddies. Over 200 million businesses use Facebook’s complimentary tools and apps to reach their target audience quicker, and more than half of them think that Facebook stories have helped them advertise their products. From Facebook Lead Ads to Facebook video ads transferred on Stories, marketers can build brand attention and generate leads in no time.

So how can you tap into the potential victory of Facebook Stories? Read on to examine how your business can use Facebook Stories as a fantastic marketing tool.

What are Facebook stories?

Facebook stories are a feature that lets you share content (be it images, videos or even animation) that disappears after 24 hours.

Facebook stories from your companions and followed Pages appear at the top of your newsfeed. This uses both the web version and the Facebook app.

Facebook Stories size and specifications

  • Video size: Between 1 second and 2 minutes  
  • Ultimate file size: 4GB 
  • Lowest width: 500 pixels 
  • File sort: MP4, MOV or GIF  
  • Video factor ratio: 9:16  
  • Resolution: around 1080 x 1080 pixels 

How to limit your Facebook Story privacy

If you like to use Facebook Stories to their full potential, modify your privacy settings to Public. Even if Facebook users aren’t following your brand, they can always view your Facebook Story.

Why Facebook stories matter for your business

So why utilize Facebook stories for business? What’s the use?

We understand the Facebook algorithm can be a little tough for gaining organic reach. But the good news is that stories are shown prominently at the top of every newsfeed where individuals are likely to take notice.

The feature has seen effective adoption in recent years. About 500 million individuals now use Facebook stories every day, meaning it has the potential to assist you reach a massive audience with the right techniques.

Why Facebook Stories matters for brands and marketers

Prominent location

Facebook Stories is a straightforward and effective method to get the attention of Facebook users. 

Stories seem at the top center of your page, right under the status update (or above the status update on the desktop), allowing you to showcase your brand through the best location in the app – and on the desktop site. 

Creative freedom

The Facebook Stories feature presents creative built-in tools such as effects, video masks, and filters. Without investing in any other tools, you can make attractive, exciting, and engaging stories. 

There are so many chances to help you craft creative stories to assist you to stand out and grab the attention of your audience.

Authentic format

It’s not comfortable to gain the trust of your target audience. Authenticity is a key element in gaining your audience’s trust. 

Facebook Stories lets you showcase the human side of your brand and win the trust of your community. You can utilize Facebook Stories to show behind-the-scenes footage or share fascinating use cases of your products or services. You can also introduce your workers to your audience so they get to know the expert people behind your organization.

Trackable performance

Facebook is a wonderful platform for analyzing and enhancing your audience targeting, which can help you get better results from your marketing campaigns. Facebook lets you follow who’s viewing your Facebook Stories. This can help you explore your audience sets and enhance your strategy to target suitable people.

Rising popularity

Be it on WhatsApp, Snapchat, or Instagram, the number of Stories users grows every day. Facebook/Meta Stories has over 500 million everyday users. It’s safe to say that Stories has gained huge popularity over the years as a way for brands and users to interact with others as it has become more preferred in the algorithm. 

Facebook Stories tips and tricks

Shoot vertically

The extensive majority of people carry their phones vertically. As tempting as it is to shoot horizontally, landscape-style, these photos won’t be as fast and easy to view.

Studies show that people carry their phones vertically about 90% of the time. Meet your consumers where they are by having your videos mirror how they hold their phones.

Plan ahead

One way to make Facebook Stories a preference for your business is to create a content calendar. Making Stories on the fly can be excellent for updating audiences on live events as they happen, but spur-of-the-moment posts can also include more errors.

Planning gives you more time to brainstorm, create, and polish content that radiates. It also keeps you accountable when it comes to posting on a standard schedule.

Add Captions

The future is accessible. You like to make sure you’re creating content that all audiences can enjoy. Also, many people watch Stories with their phones on silent. They may miss your messaging if you don’t add captions.

Presently, Facebook doesn’t have an auto-generated caption choice for Stories. But there are video editing apps out there that can sync text with your voice, such as Clipomatic or Apple Clips, if you don’t like to add it in manually.

Include a CTA

Stories can do more for your business than use create a pretty picture. By including a call-to-action (CTA) in your posts, you can encourage audiences to visit your blog, buy a product, pick up the phone and more.

Wondering how to add a link to your Facebook Story to inspire action?

If you’re looking to gauge brand awareness, reach, or video views, you can select Add a website URL in Ads Manager and then pick your CTA from the dropdown menu. These will pop up at the base of your Story.

Available call-to-actions on Facebook Stories include “Shop Now,” “Contact Us,” “Subscribe,” Sign Up” and additionally. All Facebook business Pages have the option to use CTAs, regardless of their follower count.

Summing Up – 

That’s a round-up of everything you’ll require to know about Facebook Stories to leverage them for your brand or business.

Eram Naim, with 4 years of experience in content marketing and 2 years in digital marketing, currently serves as the Co-Founder and COO of In addition to his role as COO, he also functions as the Sales & Marketing Manager and Editor, showcasing his versatility and expertise across multiple domains within the company.