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Technology Blogs Write For Us ,Technology is the way forward for online businesses. Why not share your expertise by guest blogging on technology blogs to highlight awareness of this emerging trend.

What is guest blogging?

One of the most efficient ways for building up a brand, in order to earn recognition and success with profit, guest blogging is an important tool to bang on. Aside to this it can also work as an important tool to understand the taste of the consumers of the products of the company so that the best custom made product can be offered to them and can gain good profit for the organization to make a step forward to the next level of success. Excellently well written content or blog in the guest blogs can bring huge success for the company. you can get posted in the blogs easier by using guest posting services.

The Benefits For Making Guest Blog Posting

So what are the benefits which can be achieved through Guest blogging?

  1. It acts as one of the greatest way for building up of own website and enhance the online presence. This will in turn bring an increase in the traffic to the web site on long turn basis
  2.  Traffic can easily be directed through the post in faster pace from the guest blog. Use of links is made in the blog posted, which send the user back to guest bloggers actual web site. It benefits by increasing the traffic in great speed.
  3. In case you are looking for long term SEO, then too guest blogging is one of the best tools for it. The main reason behind is that search engine gives huge importance to those sites which are having others link which creating back link for the website. It enhances your position and ranking in the search engine site. If you can take a chance to make a blog post on a renowned blog site in a relevant category, this which definitely help you to enjoy a good rank in search engine.
  4. Guest blogging helps to earn a good place with social media site. You will get to watch a magical increase in the traffic to your site if your blog post is shared on important social media sites and gain popularity.
  5. There are bloggers who only write for their own site with no option for critique comments. But when it is a guest blog post, you will get the opportunity to know what others feel on the blog topic. It always the best for bloggers to write for a bigger population and it gives popularity for the website of the blogger.
  6. While making a blog post, in guest blogging site, the traffic earned is targeted. You will enjoy the visits of users through clicking of the links in the post. A perfect toll for marketing the products and services of the websites is guest blogging.

Guest blogging gives you result for you website not only in a short term basis but also in long term basis too by enhancing the volume of traffic to the site. This helps in turn to make your place in the top slot of the search engine which is the ultimate goal for all website owners.

How To Write Guest Posts That Get Accepted

Blogging is all over our world and can give us all a welcome look into other cultures and mindsets, all from the comfort of our own couches.  It allows us to understand the world and interact with it in a way that truly is special and unique to our generation.  If you are a blogger and you are looking to expand your portfolio in terms of recognition for your writing opportunities, you need to make sure that you seriously look into the benefits and great perks with guest posting. 

1. Cast your net wide

The first thing that you need to do, of course, is find the right blog for your write a guest post on.  Make sure you don’t only send messages to one or two blogs.  Cast your net wide and send messages to a series of them.  Make sure that you give yourself lots of options.  Some may say no, some may say yes, and you need to make sure that you don’t have, say, only 2 options to choose from.  The standard number to ask for a guest post is between 8-10.  It gives you at least a few “yes”es to work with even in the worst case scenario.

2. Be careful with your introduction letter

When you are ready to reach out to these chosen blogs, you have to be especially careful with how you reach out.  Th query email that you send them needs to be expertly crafted so that it stands out amongst all of the others that the writer is going to be getting.  Be sure to stay polite and professional. Praise their blog and talk about how your writing style and topic will fit in comfortably with what they, the writer, are doing.  Talk about potential benefits and list the other experiences you’ve had with guest posting.  If you haven’t guest posted before, be honest about that.  Allow the writer to trust you.

Assuming you get approved and you find the right opportunity to write content for a guest post, you need to make sure that what you’re writing is actually related to the blog that you are going to be posting to.  You have to really focus on the idea is fully developed and it’s related to the blog’s goals and is going to be a success.  The writer will be watching you very carefully, after all, so make sure that you aren’t wasting anyone’s time or efforts.

4. Focus on the readers of the blog your guest posting to

Your readers on your own blog are going to be expecting different things than the readers on the guest blog.  Remember, you’re like a guest lecturer.  The audience already likes the original writer better, so you’re going to have to work harder to get them to like you and all that you have to say.  Make an effort to really engage with them and tell some jokes so that they can see that you aren’t some stiff writer who thinks the readers are dumb.  You need to show the reader that this post, while different, is going to be great in a unique way from what they’re used to.

5. Know what you’re talking about

This should be obvious, but isn’t.  You need to be posting on a blog about content that you know something about.  Don’t just go posting on random blogs because you’re desperate.  Make sure that you are talking about topics and getting in depth points of view on you professional topic of choice.  Make sure it’s not going over their heads, of course, but you shouldn’t treat them like they’re stupid either.  It really is about a happy medium.

6. Don’t be too long winded

Make sure that you are meeting the length (or staying a little under) of the blog you are guest posting to.  It’s important to understand that you have a responsibility to take the time and focus on what you are saying, while not going too crazy with it.  Readers are already not going to be that enthusiastic to read what you have to say, so make sure you stay within their attention spans.

7. Know and follow the rules

The other thing is to make sure that you understand the blog’s rules in voice, length, topic, etc.  Follow the rules and be respectful.  This will make the writer want to have you back in the future, recommend you and your services to other bloggers, etc.  Take care of noting the rules and being respectful of everything the writer asks and provides.

8. Be familiar with the blog you’re posting to

This is ideally something that you would do before you even send a query letter, but later is fine, too.  Understand the style and the blog that you are posting to, because it will help you reach the audience better and know how the writer reaches them.  Take the time to read through at least 5 posts on the blog and understand what the writer is working to achieve.  Respect it, and follow it as closely as you can.

9. Be extremely particular with your editing and proofing

The writer will be judging you harshly, so write to the professional quality that you have and make sure that you spend extra time tightening your post and editing it and proofing it.  First impressions are critically important and you need to make sure that it is as positive as possible.  Don’t underestimate the importance of this step!

Writing a successful guest post doesn’t have to be hard.  It will require work, but with these tips to help you get a step ahead from start to finish, you’ll be able to see just how effective you will be when you do your job right.

Write for Us and Submit Your Guest Post on our Business Blog

Here are the guest post guidelines:

  • Articles must be well written, grammatically correct and well researched.
  • At least 500 words of content
  • 2 relevant royalty free images.
  • 100% unique content. We check every article in Copyscape
  • Citations of any research you have made
  • When you write the guest post, keep the reader in mind. Provide as much factual stats as possible.

If you can meet the above guidelines, send us your pitch at and we will get in touch with you.

Check out our ultimate list of blogs that accept guest posts.

1.  Calling All Geeks

Domain Authority: 31          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Apart from guest blogging you can make money from this revenue sharing blog from Google Adsense. However, follow the rules first. Articles must be formatted correctly without affiliate links and cannot be republished.

2.  The Wonder of Tech

Domain Authority: 39          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Articles should be about personal technology for everyday people. Email your topic ideas before writing to make sure it’s suitable. Provide samples or a link to your blog.

3.  Tech Patio

Domain Authority: 30          

How to Submit a Guest Post:  Content must be written exclusively for Tech Patio. You’re allowed two do-follow links in your piece. Contact the team first before submitting your article.

4.  Dom’s Tech and Computer Blog

Domain Authority: 35          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Your tech topic article must have at least 450 words. It should be original and not published elsewhere. You are allowed one link to your blog. Email with your suggested topic ideas.

5.  TechBii

Domain Authority: 26          

How to Submit a Guest Post: TechBii believes in quality over quantity. Make sure your article is refined to meet their quality guidelines. Your article must not be copied or published elsewhere. It should also be grammatically correct. 

6.  Teck A La Carte

Domain Authority: 15          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Articles must cover the chosen topic in full and have 600 words or more. Tutorials should include screen shots. Content is checked through Copyscape. Sign up for an account

7.  Xtendedview

Domain Authority: 29          

How to Submit a Guest Post:  Your article must be useful, exclusive, not published elsewhere and can contain illustrative images if necessary. You can email your pitch or fill out the contact form.

8.  Creately

Domain Authority: 55           

How to Submit a Guest Post: Before submitting a guest post, interact with the team. Follow them on social media and share their articles. Also, read previously published posts to avoid duplicating content. Follow the submission guidelines before emailing your topic ideas or article for review.

9.  Tech Arrival

Domain Authority: 23          

How to Submit a Guest Post: . Articles must be written in English, be plagiarism-free, and without grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Email with your submission ideas and wait for your username and password.

10.  Technology End

Domain Authority: 18

How to Submit a Guest Post: Write your articles in English. Link to articles in Technology End.


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