The Disappointment of Princess Daisy’s Absence in the Super Mario Movie

The Disappointment of Princess Daisy's Absence in the Super Mario Movie: Fan Reactions

The upcoming Super Mario movie has been generating a lot of buzz in the gaming community, with fans eagerly awaiting its release on December 21, 2022. The film’s star-studded cast, including Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Jack Black, has only added to the hype. However, one character notably absent from the cast and trailers is Princess Daisy, a fan-favorite character who has been a part of the Mario universe for over three decades. Daisy’s absence has left some fans disappointed and questioning Nintendo’s decisions regarding her character.

From Disinterest to Investment: Changing Attitudes towards the Super Mario Movie

At first, many fans were skeptical about the Super Mario movie, given the rocky history of video game movie adaptations. However, as more trailers and information have been released, some fans have become more invested in the film’s potential. The trailers have captured the warmth of Mario’s character, while keeping the charm of the Super Mario games’ narrative lightness. However, the absence of Princess Daisy has been a point of disappointment for some fans.

The Disappointment of Daisy’s Absence

Princess Daisy has been a core part of the Mario universe since her debut in Super Mario Land for the Game Boy in 1989. Despite this, she has often been relegated to a secondary character, with her role reduced or removed entirely from various games. This treatment has left Daisy fans disappointed and frustrated, particularly given the lack of attention paid to her in the upcoming Super Mario movie. Despite the presence of lesser-known characters like Kamek and celebrity casting for Toad, Princess Daisy has been excluded from the film entirely.

The Sand Kingdom: A False Hope for Daisy Fans

In the latest trailer for the Super Mario movie, the Sand Kingdom from Super Mario Odyssey is briefly shown. This led some fans to speculate that the kingdom might be Sarasaland, the kingdom that Princess Daisy rules over. However, this turned out not to be the case, as the kingdom was, in fact, the Sand Kingdom. This false hope has left Daisy fans feeling disappointed once again.

Nintendo’s Struggle with Daisy’s Character

Nintendo has struggled to understand what to do with Princess Daisy, often reducing or removing her role in various games. This struggle has left Daisy fans feeling neglected and frustrated, particularly given her status as a core part of the Mario universe. Even in sports titles, where she has traditionally had a presence, Daisy’s inclusion is not guaranteed. In fact, she was left out of the most recent sports title, leaving her with few opportunities to shine.

Hope for the Future: A Possible Surprise for Daisy in the Sequel

Despite the disappointment surrounding Princess Daisy’s absence from the Super Mario movie, there is still hope for the future. Some fans speculate that Daisy may make a surprise appearance in the sequel or even be the focus of a future film set in Sarasaland. Others have suggested casting actors like Florence Pugh to bring Daisy’s character to life. Regardless of how Nintendo chooses to move forward with Daisy’s character, there is no doubt that she deserves better treatment than she has received thus far.


The absence of Princess Daisy from the Super Mario movie has left many fans disappointed and frustrated. Daisy’s treatment in the Mario universe has been inconsistent, with her role often reduced or removed entirely. However, there is still hope for the future, as fans speculate about the possibility of Daisy appearing in the sequel or even starring in her own film set in Sarasaland. Regardless of what happens next, it is clear that Princess Daisy is a core part of the Mario universe and deserves better treatment than she has received thus far.

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