The Next Big Thing in Ecommerce Websites

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This is one query that I’ve been considering about a lot lately. What’s going to be the next best thing in the world of eCommerce or online business? With the AI race transforming the world as we understand it one day at a time, how are things going to look for businesses in the tomorrow? Or even a year or a few months from now.

So I found quite a few things that we are going to talk about here. While you may be familiar with some of the trends, others might be quite stunning!

Augmented reality enhances the reality of online shopping.

Augmented reality (AR) has been a comprehensive game changer for e-commerce. With this kind of technology, shoppers can truly see the item they’re shopping for, which enables them to make a buying decision. AR transforms the shopping experience in specific industries, such as fashion and home decor because the consumer can get a better feel for the item without seeing it in person.

In 2019, Gartner predicted that 100 million customers will shop using AR by 2020, so it will be fascinating to see how that shakes out next year.

Omnichannel fulfillment

This is the procedure of delivering products to customers from numerous channels, such as physical stores, warehouses, or third-party providers. Omnichannel fulfillment strives to deliver a seamless and suitable shopping experience for customers, regardless of where they purchase or receive their products

Social commerce

This is the method of selling and buying products instantly within social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. Social commerce can leverage the strength of social networks, influencers, and user-generated content to force sales and attention for brands. Social commerce can also make shopping more pleasurable and social for customers.

AI Personalization

This is the usage of artificial intelligence (AI) to tailor products, services, and content to each customer’s tastes, behavior, and requirements. Personalization with AI can improve customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty, as well as boost conversion rates and income

This is the feature of utilizing images or videos to search for products online, rather than typing keywords or phrases. Search with visuals can make shopping more suitable and instinctive for customers, specifically when they are looking for detailed or hard-to-describe items. Search with visuals can also assist brands showcase their products more effectively.

Sustainable goals

This is the trend of embracing more environmentally friendly and socially reliable practices in e-commerce. Sustainable plans can include reducing carbon emissions, utilizing renewable energy sources, minimizing packaging waste, supporting local communities, and encouraging fair trade. Sustainable goals can demand a growing number of eco-conscious and socially conscious customers, as well as enhance brand reputation and trust.

Not only do more people own smart speakers, but they also depend on voice assistants to complete daily tasks. Loop Ventures forecasts that 75% of U.S. households will own a stylish speaker by 2025.

As more homes adopt smart speakers, more customers will use voice search to shop online, order food, and manage their lives. The rise of voice search creates an opportunity for e-commerce businesses in terms of keywords and content.

Live commerce

This is the combination of live streaming and e-commerce, where consumers can watch live videos of products, interact with sellers or influencers, and buy items within the same platform. Live commerce can make a more engaging and personalized shopping experience for consumers, as well as boost brand awareness and loyalty


This is the term for fast commerce, which concentrates on delivering fast delivery of products, foods, or any other item. Q-commerce can satisfy the growing demand for convenience and speed among clients, especially during the pandemic. Q-commerce can also create new possibilities for local businesses and delivery partners.

The Bottom Line

Becoming friendly with the next best thing in online business is a good idea. In this method, you can utilize different technologies or AI tools for better outcomes. You can leverage them to stand out from the competitors and achieve an edge in the digital world. The key is to concentrate on creating a smooth customer journey and user experience for visitors. It can assist them in remembering your business and visit the website later on as well.

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