The Psychology of Car Colours: What Your Car Says About You

A red car is centered in an image of a color wheel. The color wheel is divided into segments representing primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. The segments radiate outwards, displaying various colors labeled in text.

Every color tells a story – what’s yours?

Your choice of colours in cars shares a whole lot about your personality and traits. There’s insightful psychology of car colours that explains a lot about the car owner.

From the abundance of rich colours, why do few people stick with grey or black? It’s worth pondering over.

Yes, you can say that picking a car colour depends on your unique taste. But at the it’s core, the colour speaks about your personality.

Earlier car manufacturers didn’t present enough options in terms of car colours. Nowadays, the priorities have changed and car buyers are expecting more unique colours and paintwork to express themselves through their vehicles.

From conventional colours like black or royal blue to more unique colours like yellow or green, car owners are designing cars to appeal to the diverse taste of car owners.

The creative process behind designing a car in an unconventional colour roots in the type of buyer personality. So there’s definitely a deep psychology behind certain car owners and their unique taste of colour in cars.

So, read on to find out what kind of people choose (consciously or subconsciously) a specific car colour. Here’s the secret to knowing a car owner without looking them up on their social media platforms.

What the psychology of car colours explains about your personality

  1. Grey Colour Cars

It’s pretty common to come across grey coloured cars. Possibly the most dullest and uninspiring colour on the spectrum, yet a hit with a lot of vehicle owners. So what does the colour reveal about the drivers? Although grey isn’t really a happy or cheerful colour, it definitely highlights simplicity, class and calmness.

Grey cars are mostly driven by career-driven individuals so someone who tends to be modest. The car is just a medium of transport rather than a luxury or an item to show off.


  1. Black Colour Cars

Again, a pretty iconic and frequently seen colour in cars worldwide. Black colour signifies the desire for the classics. Its deep, rich black tone highlights luxury, elegance and mystery.

Black colour cars are driven by “bad guys”, villains, or when something mysterious has taken place in movies. It’s a sign of luxury, but it is also a sign of concealing the identity of the people who drive it. The black colour is also bold, fearless and holds a lot of power, making it common to be associated with darkness, evil or people with a lot of power.

You can also see black colour cars driven around for business owners, presidents or statements to express prestige. It’s all about status, and iconic glamour.


  1. Red Colour Cars

Contrary to neutral car colours like silver, black or grey, red is making a buzz in recent years. The flaming hot red cars are hard not to notice on the road. Red is associated with strong emotions like love, anger or passion.

Making red cars fierce, bold and fearless choices for individuals with the same character traits. Red is also worth a lot of attention, giving it more power. Even when you are driving a small, outdated model in red colour, it’s going to stand on the road. If you are proud of your choice of cars, then red is the best colour to flaunt around.

  1. Earth Tone Cars

Earth tones like tan, brown, beige and green are making a name for themselves in recent years as well. It’s mostly popular among SUVs and sporty cars. The colour is widely rooted in an appreciation of the rich beauty of nature, and the environment.

Its neutral, calm and composed colours signify strong values and someone who’s considerate. It’s for individuals who are self-reliant and dance to their one tune. An individualist, who’s unique in the most endearing form.


  1. White Colour Cars

Not the most vibrant colours, and rarely seen – white colours have a unique elegance and freshness to themselves. These cars carry an air of opulence, mostly present in new and more expensive cars.

White colour is associated with innocence and purity, shared among people with unique tastes and styles. The colour is also a symbol of peace, making an excellent gift to make a truce. Most importantly, white cars are also associated with cleanliness, requiring high maintenance.


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