The Rise of Automation and AI in the Marketing Industry

Chat bot future marketing technology concept. Electric circuit graphic and infographic of chatbot , robot , artificial intelligence , operator gear icons
Chat bot future marketing technology concept. Electric circuit graphic and infographic of chatbot , robot , artificial intelligence , operator gear icons

AI and Automation are what we’ve heard a lot lately. Gone is the time when AI was only confined in the sectors of Sci-Fi movies. But now, this has taken all over the globe. Not long ago, we assumed Artificial Intelligence is nothing but a toddling myth that only belongs to some sectors. Arguably, that was not it for AI, who knew AI has so much potential and power in its store. Fast forward to today, where there is nothing but apparent narratives of AI success in various sectors. Be it healthcare, movie Industry, education, business, etc. Almost all sectors enjoy Artificial Intelligence benefits. Besides, there is a constant growth of AI in the mobile development sectors. Too often, you get to treasure the best app development cost, even with AI algorithms included.

But we are not here to discuss the whole shebang of Artificial Intelligence in addition to its feats. We’re here instead to shed some light on its sole venture. That is the rise of AI and Automation in the marketing industry. Marketing is what countless businesses need to boost their sales. Now imagine AI and Automation in the marketing sector. You may not know, but it has been there, aiding businesses to grow recently. More than that, marketers are finding creative ways to consume AI and Automation in the marketing sector, although AI has a lot to offer – imagine near infinity.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through how AI is being used in the digital marketing sector and more… Keep Reading!


What’s AI Marketing?

If we break AI down, eventually, it’ll come down to intelligent or smart. Thus, Smart Marketing. So, we can say that AI Marketing is Smart Marketing, even though that’s just a dialect. But for a better understanding, that’ll do. Then again, there’s more to it. To define AI Marketing, simply put, doing marketing by using AI algorithms or technologies. More importantly, AI is the only way for many industries, while digital marketing is no different. That’s why we’re going to face more and more advancements in AI in the digital marketing sectors in the coming days. And yes, more than we’re seeing now, we’ll talk about that in a while.

Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation deals with automating promotional tasks to get results ever so effortlessly. The concept of “Automation” is what many industries are running after. In the same way, the marketing sector is no better. Automation is primarily a feature ensured by AI tools. However, many marketing sections are automated in the industry to bring about more productivity. The repetitive marketing tasks include email marketing, social media posting, and many others.


How Are Marketers Using AI?

You can find AI in almost every sector these days since it helps automate repetitive processes to bring more productivity to a firm. Similarly, marketing organizations have been doing the same – automating repetitive marketing processes. In addition, many marketers are using AI for its high command over organizational conduct. So whether it’s signifying marketing or other organizational behaviors, AI comes in handy in various practices. But the thing is, you should know-how. And for many marketers, it’s the pieces of the puzzle to be combined, although many variances in the use of AI and Automation among marketing sectors can be seen.

However, let’s look at how AI is being used in the digital marketing sector.


How Is Artificial Intelligence Getting Used in The Digital Marketing Sectors?

Specific Targeting

One of the basic marketing rules is to market your product only to the target audience. Otherwise, it’s hopeless. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, you can find your target audience to market your brand and products. Not to mention that’s how social media know to whom it should market products, although it’s been said that effective marketing uses social media paid to advertise. What more? The better you can deliver your messages to the right audience; you’ll get better results. Let’s face it; right target marketing means more sales conversion rates; after all, they’re your potential buyers. Thus, AI helps precise targeting for marketing to help boost businesses.

Improved Optimization

Know that AI enhances optimization for securing actual results. What’s better? AI can even interfere with live ads to improve performance. You may have heard of “pay per click” on social media platforms. Social media marketing platforms use AI to act smart enough even after the ad is live to get more clicks. In addition to this, AI and Automation help constantly analyze tens and thousands of data points to deliver promising leads. When you have more optimized data; as a result, you’ll have more validating marketing techniques to act upon. Optimization is highly convenient for organizational growth.

Dynamic Email

AI and Automation are used for email content curation. In other words, marketers use AI to extract related or relevant information from email content. Imagine how to use that can be. Plus, show time-saving, that is. What’s even more exciting is that AI can craft emails based on past user-oriented events. That includes user past interaction, identities, data points, and others so that more targeted messaging endures. Besides, digital marketing sectors are constantly thru AI analyzing content to find more leads for targeted marketing effortlessly. More than that, this course helps increase engagement and more customer conversions.

Enhanced User Experience

AI assists you in making the user experience in addition to user expectations better. Nowadays, AI is widely being used to optimize sites to improve customer experience. AI works around users’ past interactions and potentially brings together a relevant news feed and stuff for users, even related ads. Many times, you may have seen just the right product on your social media that is needed for a while. Of course, that much AI algorithm amazes us with its commendable workings. Not to mention the use of AI in marketing is likewise, which helps display needed products to us. Hence, improved user experience in addition to more sales conversion.


More and more websites are integrating AI chatbots to ensure online presence and aid users with the brand. That, as a result, boosts businesses’ sales and engagements. That’s why many marketing agencies recommend the integration of AI Chatbots to the websites for more business growth. Chatbots are a way to serve more effectively faster. More importantly, AI chatbots work just a human assistant, which can’t be seen. But then again, the chatbot segment is still in the growing phase. The expected days are not far ahead of where chatbots will work unconditionally and cater to each piece of information. Chatbots ensure more customer engagement with the brand. Plus, it’s live 24/7 to help out your potential customers.


Wrap Up

To conclude, AI marketing tools are what we need for streamlined and automated marketing. Seemingly, AI has spread everywhere and to every industrial sector. Too often, you face the word, “AI is the future .”And that’s entirely true to every angle. But more than that, AI is evolving to a variety of use cases such as big data, machine learning, deep learning, robotics, and much more. For marketing, AI is over it. By far, it’s been yielding precise results and techniques for effective marketing, and more are to come, as many marketers are thinking of new ways to consume AI more in marketing.

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