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" 2023: Your Ultimate Windows Phone Companion"
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Staying connected in today’s digital world is more essential than ever, especially if you juggle both smartphones and Windows PCs regularly. This is the point where Windows Phone Link comes into the picture. It connects both devices via and makes pairing simple, making your entire content available from both PC and mobile.

In addition, you can respond to messages, check notifications, move files between devices, and efficiently manage notifications. Windows Phone Link makes life comfortable. In this article, we’ll review the steps needed to pair your smartphone with a PC using and look into its multiple benefits!

What is

What is

Before we begin, let us get into the specifics of the meaning of This function allows you to secure your smartphone directly to a Windows PC so that you can receive notifications and messages and view pictures directly on both devices without switching devices! One significant benefit of using this is staying alert and reporting about everything happening with the smartphone!

Here we explain how to pair your smartphone to Windows with the help of and keep your phone attached without interfering with work. As stated in this post, you can follow the simple steps for an effortless pairing experience to establish contact between the phone and the computer and access your phone for a softer experience.

What are the Requirements?

To get the best performance from joining the phone to Windows via, ensure that you have these requirements in place:

A compatible smartphone: Using Windows Phone Link requires having an appropriate smartphone. Android smartphones with version 7.0 or later and iPhones with iOS 11.3 or later are fully consistent. At that exact time, older operating systems would need an update before Windows Phone Link could be utilized effectively.

A computer running Windows 10: For the most optimal knowledge using Microsoft’s Windows Phone Link feature built-in Windows 10, a PC with that version will be required. To find out the version of Windows PC, you can be guided to the Start menu. Then steer to “Settings” > “System” > “About.”

Microsoft Your Phone App: Are you running Windows 10 OS on your PC? Then take advantage of its incredible integration with phones using the Windows Phone Link feature! You only need to download the free Microsoft Your Phone App from their store.

An Internet Connection: For Windows Phone Link to work correctly, it requires an active internet connection to establish contact between the PC and phones. But remember, for Your App feature to work flawlessly, both devices (your computer and phone) must be connected to Wi-Fi and mobile networks.

A Microsoft Account: Experiencing a smoother way to finish the process and access your phone’s content on the PC requires a Microsoft account. You can visit the official site to register for an account. With that done, using a Mobile App on your Windows 10 computer becomes an absolute breeze.

Features of

Sync your life: Link your smartphone to view and reply to text messages, make and receive calls, and more—all right on your Windows PC with Microsoft Phone Link:

  1. Messages: Reply to texts with a keyboard or answer calls utilizing the headset already synced to your PC. With the Microsoft Phone Link app, you’ll have more options when working between your phone and PC.
  2. Calls: Answer calls utilizing the headset already synced to your PC. With the Phone Link app, you’ll have more options when working between your phone and PC.
  3. Notifications: With the Phone Link app, you’ll be able to change settings on notifications, Bluetooth, and volume, as well as skip and pause songs that are playing.
  4. Gallery and OneDrive: Keep your memories secured across devices. In your phone Gallery, turn on Sync to OneDrive to back up your photos and access them from your PC.
  5. Access files and photos across devices: Securely save, edit, and share photos and files anytime, anywhere from any machine with OneDrive. Start with 5 GB of free cloud storage.
  6. Pick up where you left off: With Microsoft 3652, you can be effective wherever life takes you. View, edit, or share Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files from your PC or phone.

Updated version: Make sure you’re running the latest version. i.e., Windows 10 (with the May 2019 Update or later) or Windows 11. An Android device running Android 7.0 (Nougat) or later.

Wi-Fi Connection: Your phone and your PC both must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

How to Connect Android to

How to Connect Android to

The app for your phone is glitchy and is known to have the habit of losing your connection as soon as you get used to depending on it. But Microsoft will update it shortly. You can now follow these steps to connect your Android phone to a Windows computer.

  • Get the Your Phone Companion app from the App Store, and then connect it to the Windows app on your phone by visiting
  • After that, you must log into the program with the same Microsoft account you used to access your computer. You must be registered to your account on your computer, as you cannot resume without it.
  • Then a QR code will show up on your screen, and you’ll be able to catch it.
  • You can find the QR code on the PC on by opening a browser on the internet and then scanning the code.
  • If the companion app for my phone is already installed on your device, this website will guide you to open it. After you choose “Open Your Phone,” your app will start, and a QR code will show at the top of your screen.
  • After that, you can use an Android smartphone to scan QR codes.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen and then grant the requested permission.
  • After this, you will sync the two devices, and you’ll be able to reap the advantages.

Using Your Windows Computer to Connect Your Mobile App

These instructions will help you connect your phone program to the Windows PC in the simplest possible method.

  • If you own a Windows computer and like to get Your Phone app from the Microsoft Store.
  • Find an option for searching apps on the taskbar. After that, select “Your phone app” and select it.
  • You’ll need to select the kind of mobile device at this stage.
  • Then log in with your Microsoft account. The account must be the exact same as the one you use to connect to your phone’s service.
  • Install Your Phone Companion on your Android phone. To accomplish this, use the internet browser on your phone to visit If you’re experiencing difficulties using this URL, it is likely to find the application in Google Play. Google Play store.
  • After that, sign into the app with your Microsoft account on your personal computer. The phone will then switch to an interface for scanning QR codes.

If you are using personal computers, choose the next menu item:

  • If you choose “Yes” to the “I already have Your Phone Companion app loaded on my phone” option, the QR code will occur, and you’ll have to scan it with your smartphone.
  • Two options are available “Pair using QR codes” and “Pair by hand.” Selecting this option will display the code to be placed into the mobile phone.
  • You must grant the permissions displayed on your screen once your appliances have been properly joined to allow you to utilize the companion app for your phone in full.


Here’s how you can use to connect your Android phone to your Windows computer. 

That’s the issue that’s causing a lot of people mad. The companion app on my phone can be a great way to sync; however, it’s not without its flaws. 

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us via the comment below, and we’ll do our best to address questions.

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