Third Party Integrations In 2021

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A third-party API integration is when a business uses a third-party’s API to power an integration with another business’s app or web service. For instance, your business might use Google’s API to power a Google Ads integration with your own website. This is a third-party API integration.

Why Third-Party Integration is Important For E-Commerce Website?

You know the trend of API or third party is increase day by day and now most of the e-commerce companies are adopted this integration to attract and maintain the customers in this competitive world.

So, now you understand how important the API for your Business. Here we give the complete details about Why 3rd Party Integration is important for E-Commerce Website?

Third Party Integrations for E-Commerce Business:

For becoming an E-commerce Expert you need so many years of experience. As you know, all business has different requirements which must be fulfilled by using a unique strategy.

But to fulfill operational needs, one can use different software platforms and solutions like ERP, market place, business intelligence tools, accounting software, reporting suites, and many more.

This software is used for a different purpose which minimizes human interaction and saves you lots of time.

Not only an E-commerce site or application needs third party integration but all applications & sites are need integration with the third party.

Because eCommerce sites come first in the list they require this integration. Any e-commerce business owner wants to fully satisfy his customers and among his customers, he also wants to see loyal and happy customers. This is just because of to increase profit and success.

When any user visits your e-commerce site there are so many factors that affect the UI (User Experience) like payment safety, suitable selection of service delivery and many more.

Third Party Integrations Software:

  •  Accounting: Xero & Sage
  •  ERP: SAP, NetSuite, Minsoft, CefaSoft
  •  Product Content: Etillize
  •  Finance: Hitachi Finance
  •  Payment GatewayS: Sage, Braintree, Paypal, Amazon Pay, Klarna, ePDQ, Worldpay
  •  Marketplaces: ChannelAdvisor, Amazon, eBay
  •  Email Marketing: Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Bronto
  •  Other API: Dropbox, Google Shopping feeds & tag manager, Creative A/B testing. Shop Socially   and Facebook Pixel& feed

Reasons to Use a Third Party Integrations Tool to Integrate Marketo

Marketo is a proven leader in lead nurturing. However, if you want to get the most out of it, you need to surround Marketo with value-added tools that enhance its performance. To do that, you need a bridge.

The native integration that comes with Marketo and your other SaaS apps will not suffice—you need a third party integration platform that is robust enough to move data in and out and act as the “hub” between all of your services.

A good third party integration platform allows you to connect Marketo to any software, application, or device both in the cloud and on-premises. It can help you create powerful bi-directional integrations to maximize the value of your marketing solutions.

By using a third party integration platform, you save your company time from having to not construct their own integrations. An integration platform is created by integration experts familiar with the pitfalls that come with the process, allowing you to prevent and troubleshoot problems very quickly. Besides the many technical benefits, there are several key enhancements that a good third party platform can bring to the table with Marketo.

With a great integration platform, you can enhance Marketo for a number of benefits, including:

— Improved lead quality
— Better targeting for campaign messaging
— Single source for all lead informations in one system
— Ability to track leads all the way from contact to a signed deal
— Automation of tasks to save time, money, and prevent human errors

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