This Week’s Top Stories About Social Media Marketing

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We get it! You’re busy planning content and engaging with your followers, so it can be hard to make time to sit down and read about the latest Facebook algorithm update or how trademarks are leveraging TikTok. But, hey, it’s also necessary to carve out time to learn about new methods to enhance your social media approach. So, put down your phone (we know: it’s a big ask!) and indulge in reading about current social media updates.

Top Social Media and PR News Stories This Week

Instagram is exploring unskippable video ads 

Instagram is testing with a new video ad format named an ‘ad break.’ According to photographer @thedanlevy, users will be incapable of scrolling past these ads until they have watched the complete video, which will be timed by a countdown at the bottom of the screen. 

Reddit Expands Partnership With Sprinklr

Through a recently reported expanding partnership, consumer experience management platform, Sprinklr, is now the first official partner operating Reddit’s Ad API. From Reddit: “Sprinklr customers can now explore the public conversations on Reddit to better comprehend how their audiences think, feel, and the steps they take.”

YouTube is extending its selection of free games to all users  

YouTube is growing its catalog of over 75 free games to all users.  

The ‘Playables’ feature, which has been exclusive to Premium subscribers since November, is now available to everyone. These games include Angry Birds Showdown, Words of Wonders, and Trivia Crack. Players will be capable of saving their game improvement and tracking their best scores. 

Pet Stickers Could Be Coming to Instagram

Instagram is experimenting with a unique virtual pet program. If you miss your Tamagotchi, this could be for you! These digital characters will be added to your Stories, enabling people to like the Stories for the pet to develop. It’s an impressive engagement idea, though still in the early stages as the sticker is not yet publicly available.

Additional AI Ad Tools on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is adding some additional tools to allow marketers to refine their ads. The first is an in-stream video program, called “The Wire” which allows advertisers to show pre-roll video ads on trusted partner content. Partner providers for this program include Business Insider, Bloomberg, and Reuters. The second is more AI tools through Microsoft Designer for the LinkedIns automated ad generator option.

Get Feedback on Your Unpublished Reels

This is an impressive one. Instagram is testing a new feature that would permit users to solicit feedback for unpublished Reels. So if you’re examining for some extra critique before publishing you could share a draft with buddies and followers. The power to share with a select group of non-followers is also being tried.

Facebook Appeals to Younger Users

Facebook is making a bid to draw younger users back to the platform. They have a brutal battle, but there are certain areas where they believe they can achieve traction, including Groups, Marketplace, Dating, and Reels.  

Video Ads Test Happening on Instagram

Instagram is trying a new ad format that involves non-skippable video ads directed up in the feed. It’s a strange move given that users generally despise ads, specifically ones they can’t scroll past. Being compelled to watch in its entirety before resuming scrolling could lead people to leave the app, reducing user numbers.

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