Instacruze: Top Instagram Story Ideas To Gain More Engagement

Top Instagram Story Ideas To Gain More Engagement
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Instagram Story feature is the best option to bring your business to light. It takes a few minutes to make your business gain engagement and recognition. It allows you to try and explore a lot of different marketing strategies free of cost. The Instagram Story feature is kind viral in recent times. More than 70 percent of users see Stories in routine. This is one of the primary reasons behind the increased smartphone video consumption. Eventually, if you still need to get used to Instagram Stories, get into it immediately. Take advantage of something best.

Apart from having a very accessible nature, choosing the apt Instagram Story for promoting your business would feel like so much to focus on. You can buy automatic instagram story views to keep your Story globally engaged. So, in the following article, we have gathered a few points to prove that Instagram Stories will build your business engagements so that you can begin immediately!

Let’s get this started!

1. Respond to Questions

Build engagement by having a Q&A with your audiences. You can ask them anything you want, and at the same time, you can respond to their queries. You can use the “ask me anything” option on the Story feature to begin your interaction. This way, you can connect with your audience in the form of an instant Story. You can remain the assertive subject of whatever you are talking about. You can also create a ‘master video’ of all the important Q&A and highlight it on your profile to see it anytime in the future.

2. Ask Questions

If you look forward to knowing more about what customers feel about your brand, it is essential to ask them. Asking your audience about your instagram Story idea is equally viable to learn more. Include an answer sicker to the Story and see what your audience tells about your work. If you run out of ideas, you can ask your customer for ideas and come up with great content. It is a great way to know what to post next. This will help you garner a better engagement. Pick up the win-win opportunity right away.

3. Quizzes and Polls

Rather than posing an open-ended query, consider conducting a poll or a quiz to help your audience with the answers. Stickers can be helpful in this situation. It engages your audience by using a multiple-choice response like the one in the example below. This makes it easier for users to respond to your post by clicking a button instead of entering a message. When uploading anything that deserves a boost, a sliding response (perhaps a heart-eyes emoticon) is similarly elementary and robust, even if it’s your newly stocked cookie container.

4. Mention Your location

Keep your location mentioned on Instagram by adding the name of your location. By adding the place, you can find users from that place or relating that place. This will help you gain more additional viewers. Do not worry if you are unaware of when to add these location tags. You can add them to any posts if you consider them relevant. Getting additional followers might happen gradually, so hope for it.

5. Include Quotes

Ensure the quotes you include are engaging, short, crisp, inspiring, interesting, funny, appropriate to your brand/business, or just about something random. Take the help of the internet and find the best quote that will suit your brand. Then, please put it in your Instagram Story. You can take time to find the best ideas and make them look good. Then, you can take the help of Instacruze to find the best opportunities to make your Story a great hit.

6. Market one of Your Products

Instagram Stories are a great way to promote your brand/business and gain more brand recognition since they will let you connect with the fans. Trust us, and it does not require any payments for advertising. Instead, leverage product stickers to direct your audience to a checkout page. It’s vital to remember that only verified companies on Instagram have access to product stickers. Alternatively, you would hyperlink your Story on Instagram to another page with the help of the conventional ‘swipe up’ option or feature.

7. Teaser Time

Before you launch your brand’s new products, you can create hype by releasing a teaser about it. It not just creates hype but also helps the viewers and customers to know the essential accessibility of your product. There are a lot of chances for them to like and check the product link if they demand something about the product.

8. Countdown

People generally love countdowns. For instance, many important days of our lives begin with a countdown. For example, birthdays, the new year, Christmas, Black Friday,  etc., leverage the countdown stickers to the videos and Stories to bring up your audience’s anticipation. Let’s say 1, 2, 3

9. Contest Hosting

Contests are a fantastic method to increase participation. Encourage fans to like your best recent post, comment on your current Story, or post their own Story mentioning your account. Pay attention to your notifications, and choose a winner within 24 hours. There are sites available that will select a winner for you. When utilizing these apps that decide the winner, you could capture your screen and share the video as a Story (and tag or mention the winner!).

10. Customer Freedom

Offering your customer and loyal clients the freedom to control your Instagram Stories is the best way to make your customer feel good about you. This will help you build a good relationship with your customers. It is indeed an excellent tool for sales. Buyers will trust fellow buyers more than trusting the brand.


Each of the above Instagram Story ideas could be brought into practice at any minute. The procedures are elementary, and you can make them your best strategies in the future. Supercharge your Instagram Story using any related technique and make it your best. The above information would have been very informative. Suppose you are already aware of the Instagram Story option. Please do share your ideas with us in the comment session below. We would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading!

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